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  1. afewsubarus

    Fuel tank clogged

    Thanks, I'll give that a try.
  2. afewsubarus

    Fuel tank clogged

    Still no luck unclogging this tank. Does anyone know of the whereabouts of a fuel tank to fit a 1982 Brat?
  3. afewsubarus

    Fuel tank clogged

    Thanks, I'll make the effort this weekend.
  4. afewsubarus

    Fuel tank clogged

    Is there anything I might damage if I keep trying to force a clog out with wire?
  5. afewsubarus

    Fuel tank clogged

    Tried the wire trick, shoved it as far as it would go, no luck.
  6. afewsubarus

    Fuel tank clogged

    Thanks, I've tried with my small compressor. Tomorrow I'll remove the tank again and bring take it to the local shop and try their large compressor.
  7. afewsubarus

    Fuel tank clogged

    Thanks, I was trying through the outlet tube with the filler cap on, makes more sense to have it off. I'll give this method a try tomorrow.
  8. afewsubarus

    Fuel tank clogged

    Any recommendations on how to hook the compressed air up to the filler neck? I tried using compressed air through the line that exits the tank, I only had a small portable compressor from Harbor Freight and it was not successful.
  9. I put a used fuel tank in my 1982 Brat. My old one was rusted inside and would clog the fuel filter within minutes. The replacement tank seemed clean and rust free. I put 3.5 gallons of fuel in the new tank the tank after installation. The Brat fired right up but only because someone was adding liberal amounts of starting fluid directly to the carb. I disconnected the fuel lines at the newly installed fuel filter and they were dry, no fuel in the fuel filter. The nearby fuel pump sounded as though it were functioning properly. I then disconnect the fuel line that ran from the tank to the fuel filter and it was dry as well. Should 3.5 gallons be enough fuel to spill out of the outlet of the tank due to gravity alone? If that metal section of fuel line from the bottom of the tank to the outlet is clogged are there any recommended options for clearing the obstruction? Would any of those options potentially damage the tank in the process?
  10. Radiator was replaced before I purchased the car. Changed the thermostat to try and remedy the situation. No air bubbles or contaminants in overflow tank.
  11. 2006 Outback 3.0. Temp gauge fluctuates intermittently sometimes almost goes to red but then almost as soon as it tops out it drops down. When the car is turned off bubbling can be heard from under the dash. The radiator and thermostat have recently been replaced. I believe I have properly bled the air out of the system. Should I be concerned?
  12. Thanks for the advice sounds like an easy fix.
  13. I have an 89 GL that I just purchased from a tow yard. Everything seems to be in good order except the transmission will only engage in 4wd, and only the rear wheels engage. It is the push button type transmission. Any ideas what may be the problem?
  14. Does anyone have a recommendation as to the tallest tire I can fit on my 13" rims for my 85, 90, and 91 wagon? I'm not really that concerned about cornering ability I really can use more lift to be able to clear the rocks in the road.