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  1. Yeah it was dry just to see if it would engage and disengage. Perhaps that was it. Hadn't even thought about that aspect of it. Right in front of my face. Thanks.
  2. Hey USMB, Have a question for you guys out there. I was testing out my 4x4 for the first time a bit ago. She engages ok and the 4wd light comes on. She drives down the road fine. When I stopped to pull her out of 4wd to 2wd it took a bit of strength to pull the lever down and then I heard a big clunk. It almost had a tight wound up feel in the rear end if that makes sense. Any ideas? Is this normal?
  3. Well... apparently I had some tunnel vision on that oil pressure light. Checked the alternator today and it failed the test. Had the local parts store run it through their machine and it failed. Switched out to a new one and started right up. Looks like it had nothing to do with the oil pump. Thanks nipper for putting the bad alternator seed in my head. So damn basic. Ha. Now for a valve job this weekend to kill the slight tick and then hopefully she'll find herself in the world of daily drivers. She seems to be loving the road. Thanks for the help and ideas guys.
  4. Well took her out today and lo and behold no problems. What the hell. Ha. I'll keep the oil level in mind. She says she's where she should be and when I did an oil change last I put in the amount specified by Haynes. I'm ruling out the carb since I did a rebuild and it has been adjusted properly with my tach dwell gauge. It would idle fine and then after driving it a bit she would die at the lights. Today though I took her out to see how she would do and she drove about 30 miles with no hiccups. Hopefully I can soon consider her a daily driver. It's been a long time coming. Thanks for the suggestions guys. Much appreciated as always.
  5. It's an EA71. I'll check with auto zone and see if they have a gauge to rent.
  6. Hey there USMB. Trying to get the ol girl on the road. I can get her to idle ok and she drives down the road but after she warms up and I stop at a stop light the oil pressure light comes on and she will stall out. Any ideas as to the problem? I'm assuming the pickup might be clogged but would that give me the same symptom of running fine at higher rpms and stalling at low? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. No, I have a pretty solid 78 rust free wagon. More looking just in general for spare parts and whatnot. A feeler mainly. Especially something located locally. Not in the market to ship something too far. The big thing would be a solid motor. I'd like to rebuild one while I still have the runner in the car. Still in the works at ironing out some kinks though. Darn thing sat for a long time before I got her. She runs though. Just rough. Trying to get her to be a daily driver without pulling the motor; but that is where it keeps leading towards.
  8. What is your ebay store ID? Looked up NLAparts but came up empty. Do you have a direct link? I've got a 78 Wagon that I am trying to get on the road. Interested in seeing what you have. Nothing specific in mind as I have a complete vehicle with just a few hiccups but I'm always in the market to look at what is available and finding spares. Thanks. -Dave
  9. Hey Todd, thanks for the offer. Bonvos actually got back to me pretty quick with having one. Just got it in the mail today and put on. Hopefully it smooths this old girl out. Seems to be solving the problem as of right now but time will tell. We'll see if the fix sticks in the a.m. Thanks again.
  10. Currently have a 78 Subaru wagon GL 4wd 4spd. I have an option to buy a 79 Wagon DL 2wd non running for really cheap. Would most of the body and non engine/tranny parts be a direct replacement? Looking for a solid donor parts car as it seems to be in ok shape. Any info would be helpful. Thanks USMB world... as always.
  11. I've got one that is out of my bad tank. Would need some work to be done to it to make it useful but if you are really desperate it may be the only option. I'll take some pics of it and post em this weekend. It took me almost a year to source a replacement tank for my 78 wagon. They are hard as hell to come by. Not sure if it will be of use but figured I'd throw it out there since no one has responded.
  12. Oh man that would be awesome. I think its the only weak spot on the carb.
  13. Mine is cracked. Looking for a replacement that isn't. Anyone out there by chance have one? Uploaded with ImageShack.us