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  1. hsnow

    Newbie, saying Hi

    Well hello there! Welcome to the forum!
  2. hsnow

    Subaru's are indestructable

    There just are some people who seem not to have that much of good things to do and seem content with doing just this. I would not be thinking of doing anything close to that with my Subbie which I have really taken care of as a baby. But then again, we all have different trips that are taken differently. Hope you are fine with what you have going there.
  3. hsnow

    Adhesive remover

    There are a lot of options like goo-off or goo remover that you could try but I have always been content with using baby oil to get them off. Though the problem with this route is that you are left with an oily surface after the adhesive remains are removed. But I have never had problems with it after as a simple wash would take them out. Hope this helps you with it.
  4. It sure is great to have a forum that is geared toward doing something that would be a common good for everyone. And with the lot of members willing and just waiting to share here, that would just make up for whatever questions that you would have. Welcome to the forum and sure enough, we could use a few more Subaru lovers out there to make it a more interesting and useful forum altogether.
  5. hsnow

    Elaina here!

    Well hello there! I would like to welcome you to the forum though I am new here as well. Subbies as how it has been coined around my area is indeed a head turner. Though I am not quite sure the Subaru is the best option if you are looking for a car that is to be the most fuel efficient, based on my experience mainly. But you could really make for that in the style department.