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  1. 80brat

    $46,000 BRAT!!!!!!

    I would give "tree fiddy" for it
  2. how should I search? What key words? Been trying. Thanks for the reply. I talked to my friend who has it now and I think he may have misunderstood what I was trying to do. so: ea71 engine -> fat case bellhousing t -> ea82 5sp trany dual range
  3. I have a ea71 fat case bellhousing in storage at a friend's house. He said it was meant to mate a ea71 engine to a ea81 5sp tranny. I have a rebuilt ea71 and would like to, if possible, bolt it to a ea82 dural range 5sp trany to use at highway speeds and later do an ej22 swap. Is that possible? I heard a ea81 engine can bolt to a ea82 trany and it is done for use on highways, but my friend says that the fat case bellhousing woukd not work. What can you all tell me?
  4. Got rid of the dually setup and now has normal studs with wagon wheels. Took off the mods, but don't know how to put the pics of them up. Still issues with 4wd and thin it was dually setup that did it.
  5. Thanks, i think i may have access to a junk brat and trade out the transfer case.
  6. I just had the shaft seal replaced due to leaking and had bushings replaced on 4wd shifter. Drives and shifts good, but will no stay in 4wd, shifter will pop back up on hard surface, so tried going off road and when on hard dirt the same thing unless I am in soft soil after which when it hits hard ground it pops back up. Any advice? all tires the same size 13". Jason 910-783-8092
  7. Precision Restoration Parts: WCR 288 https://www.prp.com/product/detail/106445
  8. Nevermind I finally figured it out and thank God it's working. Now I just have to get the ducting to hook up the defroster vents.
  9. Does any one have the wireing diagram that shows the wiriering going to the slector panel blower control swith? I have seen a diagram that shows the gage cluster, but see wires off to side dissappearing off page.
  10. Thanks man I appreciate it, I took fuses that I knew were working and would trade them out one by one and test them to see if they worked using the car lights and I couldn't find any fuses that weren't working. If you have a spare book that you be willing to sell me I'd greatly appreciate it let me know also if you have the spare screws for the chrome trim around the edge of the bed on a brat let me know about that too.
  11. I've been tracing wires trying to figure out why the blower doesn't work, I checked the fuses and they were all good and then I took the blower motor out and hooked it up to the battery and it ran. There was a singe red wire with coupling and then a 3 wire coupling (similar to the 4 prong on a small trailer hook up) from that I trace the 3 green/red/black wires to coupling for the selector panel fan switch which had yellow wires coming out of it, it had one black wire clipped close to the panel side of the coupling, and one extra yellow wire with a coupling that had gone to the ac before being disconnected. the only question I have is I found the blue wire coming directly from the panel switch that went through the firewall into the engine compartment to some silver little small box with wires going into it. I didn't know if maybe you might have some input. Little silver box I'm talking about with the wires is to the left of the spare tire as you're facing the vehicle from the front with the hood up.
  12. The AC evaporator box had a flap over the inlet with a cylinder like thing which had a black hose going to it, I guess I thought it went to the selector panel. I would not mind a manually controlled flap if that is what is there, was just figuring out how to return it to stock non-ac, Was talking to some guys parting out some brats and they were looking for it. Any help appreciated.