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  1. Hey Nomad, The accord spring swap is a cheap and dirty way to get more load capacity out your car. It may very well be hard on the struts. I swapped them out for a set of aftermarket springs on the old wagon. I did reuse them on my RX that I still rallyX but I modified the spring seat to "lower" the seat a couple inches. Its nice and stiff and sits about stock.

  2. hey I was wondering about the accord sping mod, did this ruin anything over time? I've been reading and people say it kicks your struts out fully and is not good on them?? any info is AWESOME, if you ever do read this....THANKS AGAIN



  3. Hey Jason, Sorry for the delay. I dont play with the subarus as much nor do I visit the message board often. I do have a good bit of experience with them and still have one car With an EA82T that I raced up untill last fall. This year the Rally cross season is dismal. I dont have a lot of free time or any kind of shop space anymore but I would be happy to try to answer any questions you have via Email. The TD04 swap on my old wagon was nice to drive but problematic to get plumbed and installed properly. Good luck.



  4. Hey, I've been reading over your threads and it seems you really know the EA82T! I just got an 88 GL 3 door with a 88 RX EA82T engine in it. I'm interested in getting it reliable, and cleaned up, the only problem is I know nothing about it. I'm over in Santa Cruz going to school right now, but I live up in Tahoe. I was wondering if you had any free time at all, if you could help me out with my engine sometime? I may possibly do a TD04 swap later. Thanks in advance



  5. rallyruss

    Looking for rally struts EA82T RX

    None left huh? that sucks. I will check my local sources for any still on the shelf. I would love to be set up with the 5 lug. Unfortunately the expensive rally tires I just purchased recently are for the 4 lug 13s. I also no longer have a house with shop space or my tools to do any major work. I can get it into my friends shop for minor stuff but thats about all.
  6. rallyruss

    Looking for rally struts EA82T RX

    Yeah I will most likely swap in some KYB GR2s for the regular EA82s to get thru the season. Sucks. I may have to dump some money into custom struts. I have seen it done before on a stage rally car before. My RX is strictly A Rally X vehicle. Its not street legal.
  7. I have a set of GAB rally struts on the front of my rally cross beast. Looking for any decent replacement or if someone knows where to get a couple GAB units. I know they are no longer produced. any help would be appreciated. The car is in the top three in Rally preped 4wd so far this season and I would like to keep it that way.
  8. rallyruss

    Axle Stub Leak

    there is an O ring and a seal. you need to mark the location of the retainer and then spin it out(can be tricky) then replace and lube o ring and seal AFTER removing retainer. seals cannot be changed with out pulling the retainer out. axle has to be removed obviously.
  9. rallyruss

    EA-82T Boosting question

    Chase relax man. you did admit to using a fram so you should expect some flack from those of us that have been in the business since before you were born. they do leak from time to time. they also have been known to cause complete engine failures when they fall apart internally. these are not just "old mechanic" stories passed down but things I and other mechanics I know have seen personally over the years. now dont take offence. I know that you are a sharp guy and are learning tons every day. just rember im just like you but with 15 more years of real world automotive experience. its what ive done since before I was your age. the old saying "when you get to be my age you will understand" applies here. this is a forum and things posted need to be viewed carefully. some bits of info are excelent but they can be hard to distinguish from the BS at times. dont get all excited and try to set the record "straight". it just leads to little battles and makes you frustrated. now go fix your car and tell us how it runs and what you did. thats the good stuff around here. have fun.
  10. rallyruss

    EA-82T Boosting question

    yeah and its got that grippy stuff so when the crimp starts leaking all over you can still get the filter off by hand.
  11. rallyruss

    EA-82T Boosting question

    fram!!!!??? your asking for trouble.
  12. rallyruss

    EA-82T Boosting question

    address the GIGANTIC exhaust leak first(check the up pipe gaskets. They blew out multiple times on me). I doubt the WG is stuck open unless the actuator got damaged somehow. the exhaust just takes the path of least resistance. also make sure you dont actually have a GIGANTIC Boost leak. what did you remove and reinstall when you did all that work on the car? I would look there as well. all that TD04 turbo and intercooler plumbing is far from factory quality. It was put together by some guy in his garage on a budjet(me). Therefore it does not have the fit and finish of a factory system so you need to be carefull with it and inspect it often.
  13. rallyruss

    EA-82T Boosting question

    I had a quote on custom forged JE pistons and head studs a long time ago. it ran close to the 1800.00 mark if I rember correctly. thats not counting all the extras that go along with all that. I did not have the funds or the justification at that time. the heads are somewhat limited in creating big HP numbers as well and would ned work. you think you are hitting fuel cut at .65 Bar? is that sustained full throttle? I never really had a problem running close to that boost level with that car. you may have some other problem. possibly an ignition misfire under hard load(weak coil or bad secondary system) or if its running lean/overadvanced and knock retarding.
  14. you can sell it for "parts use only" as far as I know. so the light is on but you cannot pull a code? that makes no sense. but hey you have looked at it not me. its probably somthing simple like the egr sol.
  15. rallyruss

    EA-82T Boosting question

    easy Chase. your going to dump a ton of cash into my baby then blow it up.:-\ leave the injectors alone. leave the fuel system alone. 9-10 psi boost is all you need. those pistons are NOT forged. getting around the fuel cut is a pain in the rear and has its hazzards. dont get all buck wild on it.