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    I bought the car new in 84,it passed between my family members. The car has sat for 12 years. My son turned 16, I pulled it out, cleaned it up, and he is currently driving it. It has 119,000 miles on it and all original.
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  1. 1984 Subaru gl $2450 I believe. It only has 128,000 miles on it original every thing except for what should be done an average subarue gl. I have most of not all the maintenance receipts and comes with 2 cool books that would really help!! Please go on Craigslist of Seattle for more!! Thank you so much. By the way this is a 2 door coupe, and yes Subaru did make them they are just very rare to find, especially one in such good condition!
  2. okay cool because i'm pretty sure it spits a sh** ton of flames hahaha!!! but you cant see them because of the catalytic converter or something, i could be wrong. Plus it is straight piped in between the catalytic converter and muffler, and theres an electric cut out right there!!! Do we have an anti backfire system on the EA81 engines like on the EA82? Or is there a way to make some wicked flames without engine damage?
  3. I know this sounds dumb because of how old the car and engines are but do ea81 have rev-limiters anywhere in reline because it dosent seem to be before it. if so how do you make or buy one plus install??
  4. My 1984 Subaru GL coupe is straight piped beginning at the catalytic converter and ending at the muffler. in between its got an electric cut out!!! The po-po don't suspect a thing!!!! and its now got only 127,221 miles on her!!!!!
  5. id like to give a huge shout out to (hatchsub) for helping me find a a rear window gasket for my 1984 Subaru GL 1.8L 2 door coupe!! if you guys are out of options and cant find a window gasket at your local glass repair place or anywhere online in the U.S. then click on the link bellow. thanks again man!!! https://www.google.c...ry in australia
  6. jdgmbi1

    Rear window gasket

    okay cool thanks man!!
  7. jdgmbi1

    Rear window gasket

    mine is a 2 door sedan and its a 1984, but i don't know i'll do the measure it thanks. i must just suck at researching aha! ill also look at the site thank you. sorry for the hassle.
  8. jdgmbi1

    Rear window gasket

    so it was not there any other ideas, places, or suggestions? : /
  9. jdgmbi1

    Rear window gasket

    okay cool thanks i'll take a look and see if anything is still there, if not ill get back to you.
  10. Iv been looking around done my research but its not adding up I have rust under my rear window gasket and I can't seem to find anything anywhere. I even looked on goolge Japan and nothing came up still. I desperately need advice I'm using my mom's Tahoe while she's gone for the week on a trip soit leaves my dad and I some to get stuff done and it happend to be that I just stumbled across this thinking before hahaha my sylicon idea worked so I left it out and we had a typical Washington rain for litterly 18 hours...I was sorta worried and went to check in it and there was a pool in my trunk. Bottom line I need a gasket. Reaaaaly badly. The pictures below are over sprayed with some protection rust stuff that dad told me to use. So the rust holes are underneath the gasket itself. Thanks in advance, Ben
  11. so id like to get new rims and make it so they are wider and taller but i want to know how much room i would have for this without rub spots, this includes how deep dish i can go on them. i would like this because its really hard to find are tiers in our size and if we do find them there almost as much as some 18's!!! also some sites that would have cool rims of course that are 4 x 140 bolt pattern because i have a 1984 Subaru GL 1.8L 2 door sedan base. i think my tire is 13 x 5 or 13 x 6. I was thinking i could go to a 14 x 7 or 15 x 7. thanks in advance, Ben
  12. jdgmbi1

    swap...or no swap?

    hahaha ya your really far im in Washington state near about 40 min from seattle
  13. jdgmbi1

    swap...or no swap?

    do you live near me?
  14. jdgmbi1

    swap...or no swap?

    okay so i am his son but obviously i still live with my parents so you would be able to meet my dad to!! but i live in university place WA!! (rain city Subie baby!! lol) so could i go to a place like home depot and get some type of rubber lining and use that as a gasket? it used to idle at around 25-45 maybe 50 psi now it idles at 0 to 5 psi. one other qestion would 14x7 rims fit on my car without rubbing....i want new ones because my stock tires are really expensive so i want to get more common wheels. the only place that or site that sells custom wheels with my bolt pattern (4x140) is diamond steelies. my name is Benjamin but you can call me Ben!!