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  1. Winter in Fairbanks, a Subaru's natural environment: Flaunt it by Jason Ahrns, on Flickr 1977 Subaru Wagon by Jason Ahrns, on Flickr 1977 Subaru Wagon by Jason Ahrns, on Flickr
  2. When I left work today it was back to its normal (relatively) smooth-shifting self, so I'm not sure what to think of it. The gear oil of unknown age and condition probably isn't doing me any favors in this weather, so I should probably change it out.
  3. I was driving my 1977 wagon around the last few nights and it was shifting nice and smooth, then last night it started getting harder, as if the clutch wasn't fully disengaging. I thought the underhood cable adjustment must have loosened up a bit so I tightened it a turn or so, which made little difference. I get in the car to drive today and it's worse, I basically have to just ram it into gear and grind any time I go into 1st or reverse, the others I can usually get with a little rev matching, as if it's still a clutch adjustment problem. But I started tightening the adjustment screw and still no difference, so for an experiment I tightened it ALL the way until it bottomed out, which was around 6 full turns in from where I was previously, and it still made no difference. Any idea what's going on here? Today is the coldest weather I've driven the car in so far (~5F), is it maybe just a known problem with these cars and cold weather shifting?
  4. That seems likely. It was a tight fit and I used a hammer and punch tapping around the edges to get it seated, and accidentally seated it too far and had to tap it back out a bit too. Maybe when I get it back out I'll just take it to a shop with a press and pay a few bucks to have them swap the bearing.
  5. Now there's a horrible squealing noise coming from the bellhousing. It goes away when the clutch cable is slack but starts if I tighten it up, and changes when I hit the clutch pedal. Throwout bearing? It's a new bearing though. Maybe it didn't get seated correctly?
  6. Well this is embarrassing. It turns out there was nothing wrong with the alternator at all, I just forgot to plug it back in after reinstalling the engine.
  7. ^^^that's a pretty coupe... I had my hubs redrilled to 4x114 and fit these Enkei Apache II wheels, along with a set of the smallest Blizzaks that Bridgestone sells. So that's a 15x7 wheel with 38mm offset , and 185/55r15 tires. They seem to fit but it's pretty tight on the inside edge of the rear. I've got some 14mm spacers I can throw on the rear if I have problems but I'm going to see if I can get by without them. Wagon build log 30 by Jason Ahrns, on Flickr
  8. Well she runs just fine with a hotwired fuel pump, but the 'charge' light on the dash stays lit. I guess that confirms it's new alternator time. I also found a lot of arcing from the coil tower to the +/- terminals on the coil. I'm actually really impressed though. The car hasn't run in more than a month and it's been pretty cold here lately - around 5F last night and today's high was still below freezing - but it started up pretty much instantly.
  9. I don't think I'll have time to diagnose tonight, but tomorrow I'll get back to it and figure out if it's the alternator or possibly the pump. Are there any alternators that tend to last longer, or should I just buy whatever I can get and expect to replace it often?
  10. I've been searching and I found some posts saying the fuel pump might be shutting off because either the alternator or the voltage regulator is bad. Both of those parts were replaced this summer but I guess I could try hotwiring the fuel pump and see if the problem goes away.
  11. I'm having a problem with the EA71 in my 1977 wagon. I had the car running on a new Weber carb and was using it as a daily driver for about two weeks. The clutch was slipping and there was some oil leaking so I pulled the engine to install a new clutch and oil seals, now since reinstalling the engine I can't get it running again. When I try to start it, it fires right up as if there's no problem, then somewhere within 5 to 20 seconds it suddenly slows down and dies. It kind of sounds like it's running out of fuel, but there is fuel in the tank. The only other thing I did while the engine was out, is remove the EGR pipe and cap the vacuum port on the EGR valve, and I removed the 'vacuum control valve' because I think it only was used for EGR. I have just enough time to check the timing with a light before it dies and the timing looks good. Any ideas what my problem might be?
  12. I don't really have any good engine bay pics yet, I still have a few hoses left over from the Weber swap that I need to take care of, and clean everything in there up, then I'll get some good shots of it. It's a lot easier to cold start now with the MSD installed. I used to have to crank it for 10 seconds, now it turns over almost instantly. I'm not sure how much it really helped beyond that. I had issues with misfiring under load and I think the MSD helped a little there, but the Weber made the biggest difference there. Cleaning and rebuilding the stock carb probably would have helped a lot too, but I decided to just go for the Weber.
  13. I did paint it myself, my first time painting a car. I was expecting it to be not so good but it came out pretty nice.
  14. I hope nobody minds if I start posting a lot in this thread now Wagon at Murphy Dome by Jason Ahrns, on Flickr Wagon at Murphy Dome by Jason Ahrns, on Flickr Wagon at Murphy Dome by Jason Ahrns, on Flickr
  15. In the past three months my 1977 wagon has come a long way. Look three posts up in this thread to see where I started! It's undergone some cutting and filling of rust holes, a new paint job, coaxing the old engine back into running shape, and it's registered and street legal for the first time since 1984. I've been daily driving it for the last week and it's great. This weekend I installed a Weber and an MSD ignition. I'm still trying to track down the cause of a part-throttle miss/stumble and occasional backfire; I'm hoping that will be solved once I've tracked down all the vacuum leaks and get a new exhaust built, the current exhaust is rusted through and falling apart in many places. And I've got a few boxes with new brake parts ready to go on when I have the time, plus I still have some aftermarket wheels in the plans. First time on the road by Jason Ahrns, on Flickr First time on the road by Jason Ahrns, on Flickr First time on the road by Jason Ahrns, on Flickr First time on the road by Jason Ahrns, on Flickr