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    im new to the sooby world and been wanting one of these for years, wanted a turbo but insurance... love the car but not the problems with it :(
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    impreza 2.0 ltr sport
  1. ive not had a light come on my tank level yet, dont know if there is 1 there to be honest ha, ill have a look in daylight tomorrow and see if i can see any kind of bulb, do the impreza sports have reserve lights that youy know of? thanks
  2. I dont have the 4WD switch so now ive learnt it5s a AWD, thats pointed me in the right way thanks, as for not running empty, when the cars at E i always fill up as im nervous about damaging anything or being stranded, as my last car a peugeot 307 wouldnt run right after running full empty to where the car wont even idle lol.. could my fuel gauge be faulty maybe? as when i turn the car off the gauge doesnt change..
  3. Maybe speak to Olnick as he's helping me quite alot mate, seems to have good knowledge of the boxers
  4. Sorry Im new to all the (4wd awd) its a manual 5 speed, sorry for being so dumb but new to all the subaru terms as ive come from a french piece of **** lol
  5. its a 4WD, so am i right in thinking that what youve said is 260 miles is above average for a 4WD? thanks
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  7. cheers for that mate advice taken i dont like driving the car hard as theres no need and in the uk its hard to go over the speed limit haha thanks
  8. another thing with this problem, or i think its a problem is that the car feels quite sluggish, like its lacking power of somethings clogged up somewhere, uinsure if realted but maybe it is in fact linked?
  9. hi sorry for the reply delay, been mega busy!! as ive took something for all the advice given ive tried some wynns lifter treatment (being impatiant because cant get MMO quick enough lol) and it been in the car now for near 100 miles, the ticking has quetened down significantly but still there, ive not had a cyhance to get my head in the engine bay to listen and look for sounds the past week, just to keep it short ill drive it another few miles and listen for any change then do an oil change with millers 10w/40, i spoke to a couple of lads who own a subaru garage in fleetwood and they said messing with the tappets i,e stripping down and cleaning would be a big effort and theres no point, they reccomeneded the millers oil with a decent filter (whats a decent filter?) thanks again
  10. i know the engine size etc to my car, its a 2.0 ltr sport I always run to near the empty mark, unsure if thats wise or not but, maybe someone will point out right and wrong, when close to the empty mark i fill up with 95 octane at on or near £40 (around 35ltrs petrol) as im only getting 260 miles to a full tanks seems a little low, this is why i started this thread and wondering if its right/wrong and wether something is wrong with the car
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    thanks, and i believe so after reading all the help topics with answers and accrington UK? bang on and updated id
  12. thats brill ill keep that in mind, for a couple of quid its worth a try maybe. is MMO along the same lines as lucas stabilizer oil? its as easy as that then to see if if its the tensioner then?! and from looking at timing belt belt kits, the ones ive seen are ranging between £140 - £200+ and in you $150 does that come with water pump too? Thanks
  13. as im new to sooby's, just curious as to how many miles your doing to a full tank i have a 1996 impreza 2.0 sport (non turbo) and im getting between 240 and 260 miles to a full tank what are you lads and ladies getting?
  14. Thanks for all the help and advice in advance appreciate it, really do
  15. olnick, a few people have mentioned MMO but then again theres differant opinions on wether to use it or not from reading through the net, have you had any experiance with MMO and it working in such an old high milage car? i appreciate all the help i will be getting from the fellow members on this site as i see its a like a tight community and people are here to help or try to help yup im from the UK and ill change that now thanks for the heads up on that, I love the car and ive been after one for years and now ive got one it seems to be a duff one