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  1. I was thinking about trying to swap out the engine, but at the prices I was finding, it was just as expensive as just replacing the head gaskets. There are a couple "tuner" shops in my area, I may check with them and see if they would be interested. I wish I could sit on it for awhile, but unfortunately, it is my daily driver to work.
  2. Thanks GD! That was the price I was thinking of, but I wasn't sure if that was too much or too little.
  3. Hi Everyone! Pictured here is my 1999 Legacy GT, Kitana. She has 215,000 miles on her and is in good shape overall. The problem is, the head gaskets are going out on the 2.5L engine. As I have found out, this is a common problem for this engine. I absolutely love this car, but cannot afford to pay to have the gaskets redone. It seems that my only option is to sell the car off to someone who would be able to fix it for themselves. My question is, how much should I ask for this car. I know it is worth more than junkyard price because of how good of shape the body and leather interior is. The tires are still all good on it as well. I am hoping that some of you fellow Subaru owners can give me some advice. Thank you! Steven http://email.thislife.com/wf/click?upn=Uz1sPKbFWt3SxRE53R7lA4xbRraX0B5IWCTg7hwGmz-2B7S5SWiH9JfnXITqfrokkRCimx-2FO2oIzPyIuVauVkySCTYiTV5GQwMZskOmsC0IPwLDz0k5MsRocU3RATiAYkk23zBhuRou9mvhlKi66KlJw-3D-3D_mSmPH8rKtKnNviZeKAYpz8QkLcVQFq5X787yjESllq4sL6cFWLJYwRNvZUjk39VdKgZzZ6EJDgUuThfgO-2Ftu1YEzxRy8avtn0ZK-2BtErszcE777uzDSuao5TBqiG9k-2BZ-2BPGPPGJUbJtnlRCWXKGbI0fV-2FftMPDbtDAuEBAnjFnRj2e-2F3x9am-2Bmx719uq60Dt6O9yQDqeC-2F0DG55VjRXeOi-2FtxriS6VqK-2BGy8dKD0zZV9-2FHBECKq7KReY3eJoFAtctdt5CDZZQDNnsHII5XOywtQ-3D-3D