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Found 8 results

  1. Hello all, I am new to the Subaru cars and wanted to ask about their common problems. I am looking at buying 05 Subaru Legacy GT. What should I look at when buying one? What are common problems? How reliable are they? If I would be thinking of making more power, what weak points to look at? Any tips for owning this model?
  2. (updated with the answer) Symptoms: The transmission on my 5 speed 2000 Legacy GT (AWD) sounds like an angle grinder or go-cart (grinding/buzzing/putting noise). Started making noise overnight, in every gear and in neutral, sounds like something rotating/grinding and is proportional to the car's speed. When the car isn't moving there isn't any noise. Another interesting thing is that in 5th gear (possibly others, but most noticeable in 5th) it makes noise with 0 throttle, less noise with 1/8th throttle, and then more noise again if you go past that. What more knowledgeable friends have said: A trusted mechanic said it's probably a bearing in the transmission, but he doesn't work on them so I'm not confident he knows the exact issue. A good friend said he had a similar issue on his 2000s era Forester, and it was the center differential, but I've heard that if the differential is the issue, the symptoms will get worse while making tight turns, and I haven't experienced that, at least at low speeds. Possibly relevant info: I had a rear tire replaced this past summer, they didn't shave it down. I measured them and it was essentially the same size. Maybe a small difference in diameter caused an issue? ANSWER: I'm transcribing from the mechanic so this may not be 100% accurate: The transfer gear was split, which damaged/destroyed center differential (and the back clip came off). The transfer case damaged as well. The mechanic said it was just normal wear and tear, so I'm not sure if this had anything to do with one of the tires being replaced.
  3. Hi Everyone! Pictured here is my 1999 Legacy GT, Kitana. She has 215,000 miles on her and is in good shape overall. The problem is, the head gaskets are going out on the 2.5L engine. As I have found out, this is a common problem for this engine. I absolutely love this car, but cannot afford to pay to have the gaskets redone. It seems that my only option is to sell the car off to someone who would be able to fix it for themselves. My question is, how much should I ask for this car. I know it is worth more than junkyard price because of how good of shape the body and leather interior is. The tires are still all good on it as well. I am hoping that some of you fellow Subaru owners can give me some advice. Thank you! Steven http://email.thislife.com/wf/click?upn=Uz1sPKbFWt3SxRE53R7lA4xbRraX0B5IWCTg7hwGmz-2B7S5SWiH9JfnXITqfrokkRCimx-2FO2oIzPyIuVauVkySCTYiTV5GQwMZskOmsC0IPwLDz0k5MsRocU3RATiAYkk23zBhuRou9mvhlKi66KlJw-3D-3D_mSmPH8rKtKnNviZeKAYpz8QkLcVQFq5X787yjESllq4sL6cFWLJYwRNvZUjk39VdKgZzZ6EJDgUuThfgO-2Ftu1YEzxRy8avtn0ZK-2BtErszcE777uzDSuao5TBqiG9k-2BZ-2BPGPPGJUbJtnlRCWXKGbI0fV-2FftMPDbtDAuEBAnjFnRj2e-2F3x9am-2Bmx719uq60Dt6O9yQDqeC-2F0DG55VjRXeOi-2FtxriS6VqK-2BGy8dKD0zZV9-2FHBECKq7KReY3eJoFAtctdt5CDZZQDNnsHII5XOywtQ-3D-3D
  4. Hey all, so I would just really like some opinions and insight from people such as yourselves that have much more knowledge about these cars than I do. So I have been looking and doing research for quite some time now on the next Subaru for me. I have ruled it down to the 07-09 Legacy's, due to personal preference on styling and looks as well as available options. I have recently come across two opportunities to purchase a 2008 model, however I can not decide which would be the best option. The first one is a LTD model with 220k on it with many new parts and services done for $8995. I went and test drove this one, and it ran strong aside from some delay in the auto transmission when you step on the pedal, however some amount of delay is to be expected, I'm not sure how apparent or common it is for this vehicle. You can see it here, with all the parts and services below the pictures: http://roosales.com/2008-legacy-ltd-sedan-coming-soon-2/ The second one is a GT model with 90k on it for $10995 that you can see here: http://www.apxautobrokers.com/2008_Subaru_Legacy_Lynnwood_WA_7447565.veh Now if this was anything besides a Subaru, the obvious choice would be the one with 90k miles because why buy a car with so many miles when there is another option with fewer miles for only a small amount more. However, due to the fact that Subaru's are known to last basically forever as long as you take care of them, I find myself having a difficult time making a choice. Another reason that I am at a bit of a crossroads, is that I have heard of turbochargers failing on Subaru's before, which costs a lot of money to repair. Is this a common issue with the 2008 Legacy's? Or is it more of just a myth? I would just really like some opinions and insight from people such as yourselves that have much more knowledge about these cars than I do. Thank you for your time!
  5. To start off, I don't expect you guys to automatically know whats wrong with my car. I'm partially looking for advice with this thread, but also using it as a journal of sorts to keep track of what I go through with this problem. Anyway, the problem: I bought this car about four months ago for less than two-thousand USD. It's my first car, and I always wanted a wagon, so this was perfect. For about the first month, everything ran smooth. Then, the spark plugs started acting up. Replaced those, and everything was peachy again. Now, about a month after changing the spark plugs, I'm having a problem that's hard to describe. The car will be fine and the transmission will shift as intended, and then all of the sudden, a check engine light comes on and the transmission (I assume) starts to get clunky in a way. It's happened four times now. The first time, I was in a drive through, and the CEL came on. I pulled into the parking lot to inspect things, and could find nothing immediately obvious wrong with the car. It drove as intended for about two miles, and then as I rounded a corner from a stop light, second gear started doing the clunky thing, and wouldn't accelerate past 20 mph. I pulled over, contemplated what I should do, but knew I could do nothing sitting on the side of the road, so I pulled off and headed home as I was only 5 minutes away. It didn't happen again the rest of the way. I drove the car again that night for about ten miles and nothing went wrong, no CEL. A couple days later, I was coming back home from a relatives house, about a 30 minute trip, very heavy traffic, and as I got close to my house, the car didn't want to accelerate again, and was "clunky". Thats the only way I can describe it. This time, it felt like it was every gear doing it. I parked it, shut it off and then turned it back on, and it kept doing it. I got home, and then shut it off and let it sit for about two hours and decided to test it again. It operated as intended. Yesterday, I made the same trip, but went out of my way to avoid traffic. As I neared my house, the CEL popped on, but nothing notable with the transmission happened. As of this post, I just ran the car from a cold start to operating temperature to check the transmission fluid, and to me, it seemed low. I filled it to approximately the full mark for a hot temperatures and ran it again to double check the level. I scoured the internet since the first hiccup, and came across a thread that pointed to possibly a grounding issue with the transmission. It half-way described my problem, but my grounds seem okay, even after unbolting and rebolting them, but I won't rule it out, For now, I'm going to assume (and pray) that the low dexon level was my problem. I'll post again if I have more issues. Feel free to reply with advice, it's all appreciated
  6. Car Information: 1997 Subaru Legacy GT Sedan, 2.5L DOHC Hi there, Im hoping that someone may be able to tell me why the ignition coils I had delivered for my car are not the correct ones, I've searched and searched and every coil-pack I come across is depicted as the ones I received. However the stock pack I'm attempting to replace Is a much smaller pack: Diamond F-560. The new pack will not bolt and does not possess the same connecting pin. My engine has not been swapped, I know it is a 2.5L EJ25 as I had the timing belt done about a year ago. I've been reading that my year was a "transition" year and that I may have a certain type of pack. Does anyone know about this? I'm really looking forward to continuing my troubleshooting for a misfire and I was hoping this might have been the fix. Thanks in advance for the time!
  7. Hey guys, I'm new here. I currently have an 01 Legacy GT Limited with about 118k miles on it. Love this car, no mechanical problems at all. However, I've been eyeing a 1995 SVX LSi with 92k miles on it, for $2k. First question, is this a good deal? Exterior and interior look clean, I haven't taken it for a spin yet but the seller doesn't list any mechanical issues. Second question, am I crazy for wanting to get rid of my 01 Legacy for this? Like I said, I love my car, but I want something a little more powerful and sporty. This SVX seems like a good choice for me, because I love having the safety of AWD, but want something with a little more kick. Basically, I plan on buying this car and giving my current Subie to my sister who is currently a broke college student. Is it a bad call for me to get rid of my current ride, for this one? Thanks guys.
  8. Hi guys, Have recently bought my first Subaru here in New Zealand. From what I've read on Wikipedia, they changed the names for different markets, so I may have a rebadged Leone or Loyale. I'm really not sure, so I was hoping some of the experts here may be able to help. One of the problems I've encountered with this car is getting parts for it. If I go into an autoparts store and give them the exact model and even the numberplate to do the lookups off, every part that gets ordered in is wrong. When I ordered HT leads, they were far to short. Tried to order a distributor cap but the one that corresponds to my model in the parts book they use is a clip on, not screw in like mine. So I went to a Subaru wreckers, they gave me a cap that looked exactly the same, Hitachi and all, even off another Omega. But the width between the screw holes is 2mm too short, so it doesn't fit. As you can see in the pictures, the cap is in need of desperate replacement. I've seen dizzy caps on American websites, and I am hoping that if someone here can figure out what the equivelant of this car is in the American market, I may be able to buy one that will fit, using the make/model/year search on a site like this: http://www.partsgeek.com/mparts/distributor_cap/subaru.html I've included some pictures of the car, and the # of the distributor itself is this: 22100AA450 D4P86-01-A8206 A wreckers told me the last part (A8206) is a manufacture number or something, and is not important? Would love to know what you guys think, I'm in a bit of a pickle otherwise! Cheers, Logan PS: The car is running rough, hence me trying to eliminate the problem by replacing all the little things (spark plugs, HT leads, dizzy cap). If the cap isn't at fault, my next though it the fuel injection. If anyone has any input regarding fuel injection on this model, please speak up
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