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  1. Changed the knock sensor already too... But good news. It's running. well after all the gears were changed, injectors, couple broken wires, broken connecting clips, new fuel, new sensors, correct key, and new plugs, re-fitted radiator and as much of the parts that came with the car I started looking at vacuum hoses and water hoses. It turned out that the previous owner had put a water hose into a vacuum hose tail on the inlet manifold. And of course flooded the fuel/air mix with water. Silly mistake, but easily done. Sorted that out, and bango...started up straight away, ran like a dream. Thanks for help, and good luck luck with your projects. Cheers for now
  2. Oh, no I double, triple checked timing marks, then checked again. They were still correct, even after cranking over, a thousand times. Poor starter motor. I'll get it together, give it another go, if no go, then I'll try a new set of plugs.
  3. Late last night changed fuel, got as much out as possible, flushed the line and injector rail. Had a quick shot at starting it... It ran, very roughly, but enough to put a grin on my face. Re-fitting some important things, such as radiator, inter cooler, air box, etc. Hoping for an improvement. Wat u guys think, these things will make any difference?
  4. Yes, I checked for spark again, should have realised, but the wrong key must have been in it after I changed the crank and Cam sensors. So with correct key, now I do have spark. But the car still won't run. I tried starter spray fluid, and it runs. Step in right direction. Checked injector pulse, all good there.. And checked the positive side, positive has power with ignition. Has plenty fuel in rails, so I changed injectors, no difference. At this stage, a lot of parts are off the engine, perhaps I should put things back on, in case of a sensor not reading correctly? Or the fuel may be too old... Over 12mths old. Drain and check.
  5. Hi all, I am freshly signed up, and also fresh to Subaru's. Must admit I'm a car freak from way back, so I know my way around most old school Aussie sold cars. But when it comes to computers and other new age electrical systems on most modern cars, I seem to have fallen behind. Now I'm hoping that somebody could give me a direction of where to look, I've got a 'no start' issue. Bought Subaru Wrx not running, thought I'd give it a go. Previous owner did an engine swap, ej20 replacing ej20. He never could start it after swapping, but it ran b4 that, low on comp in one cyl. Now I've tried a lot of things, had a auto electrician out here for 4hrs, changed Cam and crank gears, changed both sensors, even though the old ones appeared to send a wave on screen. It sparked once when ignition turned on, so I changed pulleys, still won't start. Any info appreciated