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Flex plate pinging?

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I have to asume that the flexplate is pinging/chattering when driving. Anybody know why, and how to make it stop?

Thank you


I noticed in another post that you're car is a manual trans.


If so, you don't have a flexplate.


And why would you think that it's cracked? Kinduv an unheard of issue for subarus, and it would be hard to diagonos or notice externally anyhow.


why not tell us more about your car (year, model, trans) and what the EXCACT problem (symptoms) are (not what you guess is the cause)

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There are some EJ models that have problems with cracking flex-plates. They crack around the bolt holes to the crank. But I've never heard of this on an EA.


And as stated if you don't have an automatic then you don't have a flex-plate.



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Woops, i meant preasure plate that sits against the clutch, someone told me it might be the throwout bearing starting to seize up.


87' GL wagon EA-82 with a HI/Low 4wd 5 speed.


The only symptom is that i can hear it chattering, more so after i have had it in 4wheel, then shift back to 2 wheel.

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