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Replacing rear drum brakes with disc, 2001 Impreza L. Need Advice.

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If your car is awd (it should be) you require parts from an awd car, same for 2wd requiring parts from a 2wd.


The easiest way to do the swap is to exchange the rear knuckle assemblies from the rear disc equiped car. This is the assembly that the trailing arm lateral links and strut bolts to. Leave the ebrake cables hooked up to the knuckle assemblies and disconnect them at the e-brake handle. Be carefull of the long bolt that secures the knuckle assembly to the two lateral links, this bolt has a habit of being rusted in place in salt prone areas. I know you can swap the gc parts onto a gd car but I dunno if the ebrake cables are the same length so you might want to stick with a parts car that shares the same chassis. You will also require the soft brake line bolted between the body hard line and the caliper...


It is an easy swap with the right tools.. Just be methodical and ensure you are getting good parts from your donor car..nothing like doing a swap like this and finding out the donor car had bad bearings..


I would also consider grabbing the front brakes from your donor as well. Braking is a carefully balanced system and the rs front brakes will b bigger than yours. You'll need the front calipers and front rotors. Ensure that whatever wheels you have will clear the rs brakes by test fitting them on the donor befor swapping..




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There's quite a bit of information on here about doing this, lots of people have done it.


The simplest way is to just swap the entire rear hubs out, then it's a very simple bolt on affair. Get the entire rear hub with the ebrake cables still attached as they are different. After that, just remove and install.

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