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Looks like I missed out on an RX

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Hey Guys


I'm bummed, there was an '88 RX sedan sitting on a side street, temp spare on the left front, no tags since 2002 and drivers door panel in the back seat. I'm sure it wasn't a runner but was complete and in reasonable shape overall. I've had a note on the drivers window asking if they want to sell for about two months now, city towed it this week. :(


I guess I could try and find out when it will go up for auction, anybody done this?



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i jsut snagged a loyale wagon.. was a late nighter.. already had been flagged by the county mounty for towing.. but i got ahole of the owner, got title, and key, towed it off before they could, free of course.. unless you count the $12 in gas it took to get it home..sorry culpeper county mounties.. lol


check with the impound lot and see when they auction stuff off.. then be there or be square.. my guess is noone will want it cause the majority of folks don't know what they are.. so you might get it for the impound and towing fee..

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