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  1. Hey heard a rumor you have previously done an ej22t swap into an 86 xt. Do you have any advice? Any problems I should look out for starting the prep tomorrow

  2. Where in Sammamish are you?? I live at the north end of the plateau. Send me a PM with the info.
  3. I never really liked the color, neither did my wife (it was her car), we were going to paint it silver, which is why the seat are gray. Can't believe you lost a center cap, those are almost impossible it get now. I had to replace one once, it took getting ahold of the US represetative to BBS to get one.
  4. Here is a picture of the car. The side molding is installed now.
  5. WOW, I am really sorry to hear that, that car meant a lot to me and I was glad to see it go to a good home. By the way the color is not purple, it us traupe, but it does looks like a purpleish brown. I hope it was just for a joy ride, I doubt that they know the value of those wheels, nor would most people. I was thinking the other day that you hadn't come back to pick up the spare tranny. Hope that the police find it soon. Dr. RX
  6. hey i have a question for . will the xt6 full time all wheel drive trans fit a ej motor? i have a 86 3 door gl loyal and i have the 2.5rs engine with harness and ecu. i have access at a local junk yard with the xt in it. i all ready pulled the hubs off the xt6 :)

  7. Dr. RX

    Wcss 13???

    So why not Idaho??? We have never had one there, and last time I checked it is still considered part of the west coast. Or what about southern Oregon?? Or even the Spokane area.
  8. Dr. RX

    Northwest folks.

    Sammamish, WA Dang, talk about being late for the party.
  9. Just got word from the advance party that it gets real windy at night at the fair ground. Seems like Dan almost lost his tent, after he had put it up a strong gust came along and almost blew it away. So if you haven't left yet, and are camping, bring plenty of stakes, also the ground is rocky.
  10. Nice to see that someone finally came up with a kit for this. It sounds like what I did on Ulitmate RX many years ago.
  11. Something I've said for a long time, people are wasting their time trying to mod an EA82T. I have seen many people waste loads of money trying to tweak out a few extra hp out of these engines. Rob finally did the right thing. Since the EA to EJ swap is so well documented, there is really no reason why a person with reasonable mechanical skills couldn't make the changeover. Depending upon the price, buy the car, then upgrade the drivetrain.
  12. Well I wouldn't say that nobody spent any time with the Haltech. I spent many hours on the phone long distance to Haltech in Australia, to a US representative to Haltech in So. Cal and several hours with a so called expert here in Washington. It might have been different if I had install the new spark plugs like I thought I did, I'm sure it would have run better. If I ever do something like this again, I will not use a Haltech.
  13. I will admit, Tex has taken my orginal creation and made it his own. I really like what you have done to the car. At the time I did the hood, I didn't have my MIG or TIG welder, gas welding just caused way too much warpage. Next time I need to do something like that again, I will have the tools to do it right.