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Christmas Valley / Edison OHV weekend run w/ pics

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Two weekends ago Greg, Jason, Darrel, and I met up with an off road adventures group out in SE Oregon at Christmas Valley to run the desert and dunes out there. We first all met out at the Edison OHV area just outside of Bend on the way to Mt. Bachelor for a trail run.










Then we drove out to Christmas Valley and did a night dune run with the rest of the off road adventures group.




The next day was all dunes.


















Then on Sunday on our way home we did some sight seeing, stopping first at Table Rock, then Crack in the Ground, and a few caves. Then headed home. Great trip and beautiful scenery!








More trails and random dirt roads then what we knew what to do with. So much cool area to explore. We could have spent a couple weeks out there and still not seen everything.

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Nice pics!

Anyone get stuck...how challenging is that ORV park?


Lets just say no Subie really got stuck, in fact Greg broke a rear axle and was running in front wheel drive low range the rest of the weekend and still did awesome. I know a couple of the other rigs were getting stuck here and there like the new Ford Exploder.


The Edison OHV Trail System wasn't too bad. We had to turn around because of deep snow and it getting late. The trail wasn't bad at all. The only thing to look out for is the sharp lava rock. I slashed a tire on it. Good rocky climbs and tight fits around trees, rocks, etc... really fun! I want to run it again and do the whole loop next time with some 6ply tires instead of my 3 ply AT's. I highly recommend it! Great views of Bachelor and surrounding buttes. They are perfect trails for a Subaru because its so tight in spots. Here's a link to the trail map: http://www.deschutescounty4wheelers.com/Maps/Edison%20Vicinity%20Map.pdf

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That was a fun trip. I'm already stoked for next year. :)


Last year was a blast as well though we only did the dunes Friday night.

Saturday was a 13 1/2 hour 120+ mile tour of the desert.


Way less dust this year....... :lol:

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Gonna add a few pics. :)


The journey. I put in about 739 miles according to the GPS.

With 131 of those being on Saturday. All dunes with a run into town for fresh brew. :grin:





The Soob half of the camp. (Rest are in some other trees just to the right of the pic)



Wall ride time. At the first sand wall we came across that was good for it.


I got the high mark on this second wall which Gregg is heading for and promptly matched with his EJ22.



Bad pic of the "light test". Though none of us could match the Land Rover with his several HID off road lights. Looked like a 747 coming in to land on the dunes.



Sight seeing on the way home. Took China Hat rd back up to Bend and went off on some spurs to poke around at lookout towers and caves.




Arnold Ice Cave. Those are mine cart tracks coming up out of the dirty ice The lava tube goes down at an angle, that "floor" is the ice plug which is constantly advancing. I was told about every 16 years it melts out and you can go down several hundred yards to the next ice plug. Bend mined all it's ice out of there back in the days before refrigeration.



A lizard butt and a snake just because.



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