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Clutch servicing without removal of the transmission

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How to service your clutch and parts located in the bellhousing WITHOUT

removing your transmission or draining the fluid


1. Lift the car up approx 1ft and support it properly

2. Place your jack directly under the transmission and apply a small amount of

pressure to the bottom of the tranny, using the jack.

3. Unhook all cables and wires from the tranny, this is very important if you

don't want to have to replace your speedo cable.

4. Unbolt the 4 bellhousing bolts

5. Secure the driveshaft to the rear of the transmission, baling twine or tie

down straps work fine for this.

6. Unbolt the driveshaft from the rear diff, it should fall off the diff easily

7. Make sure the driveshaft doesn't slide out of the rear of the tranny,

tighten your attaching strap as necessary to prevent this

8. Unbolt the tranny crossmember, allowing the weight of the tranny to rest

on the jack.

9. Separate the transmission from the engine, this part may require some

wiggling and finagling, but do not let it drop off the jack or the crossmember.

10. Slide the tranny back far enough to access the parts to be serviced

(disclaimer, you may have to remove the clutch/pressure plate/flywheel to

access some parts)

11. Service necessary parts

12. Installation is the opposite of removal.


Sorry for the lack of pix, last time I did this I didn't have a camera available



Edited by Twitch de la Brat
Forgot about the tranny crossmember
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good call twitch, also I might add I use shorter bolts for the two on the bottom of the bell housing that are really hard to deal with. Ive used them for years now and as long as they are good bolts(ie machine quality) I dont see a problem with them. It makes the whole process faster (thanx dad)





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