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Anyone in Beaver Falls PA that can give me a hand ASAP?

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I'm a ways off. Need something looked at and hand money put down - a couple hundred. I can paypal you the money. Then come pick up the item and settle with you on sunday or monday.


More than willing to give you something for your time.


Please PM ASAP.


Or email davebugs@yahoo.com and I'll check it, normally I don't use it for emails.



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And I'm heading due North to Cook Forest area to open up my place for the annual trout fishing trip with my dad. Haven't missed this weekend in probably 40 years?


I'm still recovering from the accident so I want to get there in daylight with plenty of time to handle any issues - like water, heat, and the like before I get too sore to move for the day.


Beaver Falls is 1.5 hours away from me.


Thanks for the thought though Gary.

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