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  1. GG was under the Weather today so we didn't go. Unsure when this will happen because now I'm tied up atleast half days, mostly full days until the 24th and I believe the closing on the property is the end of the month. And I could easily have other commitments that aren't booked yet. We will keep this thread updated.
  2. Postponed until next week! GG can only come for a few hours tomorrow. I hurt real bad today so tonight likely no sleep and tomorrow I'll still be kinda worthless even for light duty assistance. So we'll get to it next week sometime. If I get a chance I'll stop in tomorrow again and maybe take some pics of parts if I can find them.
  3. I forget - less than a week ago. I don't think any of the Brats have moved in atleast a few years.
  4. Look folks PLEASE refrain from saying anything about who's these parts are or where they might be. If an admin could edit that info out of this thread I'd appreciate it. THIS ISN'T A GUESS WHO"S STUFF THIS IS THREAD!! This is from a former member and GG and I will do our best to liquidate what we can, still attend personal commitments, and donate the proceeds to the USMB. Can we please leave it at that? This "donator" didn't want his name, location, etc disclosed. PLEASE honor those wishes.
  5. More from my notes - can anyone please identofy the years and trim levels of these Brats especially? 1991 SS needs body work turbo wagon carpet sets (new) I haven't looked for yet tail lights (I haven't looked for yet) RX I can get physical title - in someone else's name bed rails for a brat (I haven't looked for yet) old FSM's (I haven't looked for yet) Still need to know what parts to look for that may be removed/stockpiled in garage - pics would be great of these items.
  6. Thanks GG! White Brat, Gold Brat, Silver Brat. All have caps - plus 2 extra caps. 2 have rear seats, I believe there is another set of rear seats in the garage. I didn't have time to really look for specific parts inside today. There are more than Subaru parts and I don't recognize 70's and 80's Subaru stuff. Some is separated by car brand, some isn't. Tons of stuff. There were some obvious 2.5 and 2.2 intakes around, more rims/tires but don't know if old Subaru or British, etc. I'll do what I can. GG is willing to help. Both of us have real time constrictions. Trying to help a friend out and the USMB. I'd say none of these cars likely have a title. They aren't hot, just no title. If you'd do a title search I wouldn't expect there to be any issues. I believe the RX has a title in someone else's name but a family member does have the physical title. Logistics are tough. None of this may be worthwhile. Being 6'2" and stiff after the accident I wish I could redo the White Brat, or other non Subaru cars that folks have already taken. But that isn't realistic. Let us know what you're interested in and a price. Please be fair. Realize that GG and I are donating our time and proceeds are going to USMB. I committed to only the two of us going onsite. And it could very be dangerous for folks to go snoop. Gotta love rednecks and farmers, they aren't likely to call the cops... So in everyone's wishes and interest the location will not be disclosed other than SW Pennsylvania. Most likely will need picked up at my place in Apollo, PA. Perhaps some at GG's - don't know yet. Neither of us have the time for this. But hate to see years of collecting parts get scraped. Just gotta figure out what to save, and who is willing to pay a fair price for the items. Maybe we should post a clean thread in for sale?
  7. Got pics of cars (mostly Brat's) outside in various states of rust most of them and maybe the RX? Don't have much time but I'll try and figure out how to post pics. Several Brat caps or toppers, a few sets of seats for int eh bed, some decent tailgates it seems.
  8. I used to attend this regularly. I know this club seemed to have a love/hate relationship with it. I never went as part of a club. Used to be an enjoyable day. The swap area and kit cars were where I'd spend my time.
  9. Can't find my notes right now. Complete turbo RX? Has a title in someone else's name I believe. Something else with I believe a high/low range that's kinda rare or sought after that he thought was special. I also did find out that the Brat cap does still exist. It's at the garage where the Brat was painted still. After the accident my memory isn't so good so I have it all written down but I'm drowning in clerical work right now - sales tax, new office girl starts tomorrow, etc. I can't actually work on cars anymore. I will get pics of complete cars assuming they are still there. If anyone wants any of this stuff they will have to come and get it or have another member come and get it. Not sure how I'd go about it. Need to keep the location undisclosed, have a tow dolly but can't do the whole tieing them down and stuff myself anymore without hurting for a week. I hate to front tow money to my place. I'll have to see what folks are interested in. At my place the garage is full and the lift is blocked, and not gonna change anytime soon. About I could offer is a gravel driveway, shop air and 110 outlet.
  10. I am trying to get there this week. I certainly won't have the time or space to save everything. I need to know what to grab, I'll take pics if it all won't be going to the scrap dealer. For all I know it already has as I've been too tied up to get there. The fear is that it'll all go to scrap - years of stockpile.
  11. I believe some 70's, 80's RX? some Brat parts? Maybe some complete but rusty vehicles. A Brat cap I believe. This is older stuff than I'm familiar with. Haven't posted in years. All proceeds will go to this website. GG please contact me. Shawn I left you a voicemail a week or so ago I believe. I just cleared out my messages here enough that new ones should come thru.
  12. o.k. guys - just logged on to contact Shawn. Yes Dave had a bad accident 5+ years ago. Can't play in the garage anymore. Folks still stop by or call for advice/parts for VW's(60's/70's, MKIV) and late 90's Subaru's. Concussion issues (still - multitasking issues, short term memory), neck & back issues, some neck fusion. Can't turn a wrench or sneeze without neck muscles spasm. Chronic pain - mostly nerve pain. Just haven't been able to bring myself to get gov't help. But my personal reserves have dwindled drastically. Struggling thru. Can't do the work I did, can't play with cars or load the car to get to my weekend place, maintain the house or weekend place, etc... I believe you can still get to my email from here. But I hadn't logged in in years. Our old friend Skip called me last night. Wants to donate some stuff to the club and asked me to handle it. Thus my looking for Shawn's contact info - realizing it's Easter weekend. But some urgency. And the older stuff I have no idea what has value or is hard to get and what doesn't. Those that have benefited from Skips knowledge and assistance through the years may want to say a little prayer for him. Tough times. Skip is how I found out about this wonderful forum and I had the privilege of learning a lot from Skip. I did leave a voicemail for GrossGary since we used to help each other out from time to time and he's been here several times. Glad to see the new format on the website. Hope everyone here is doing well. In classic Skip style he'd like to kinda "pay it forward" even more. You know how us folks who appreciate old cars are. We'd like to save all the old cars. And certainly cars and parts that we have scavenged over the years. I will make a post - not sure where - after talking with Shawn. But please keep Skip in your thoughts. He has some good folks doing what they can for him friends, family, folks from several forums(non Subaru) as he had many interests.
  13. davebugs

    So here's my introduction!

    Welcome! Lots of good info and folks here. Kind of a patient lot, but still prefer you use search first. Excellent non-flaming site. You may want to update "Kansas" to show where you actually are. I know personally that folks have helped me out by stopping in when I was starting with Subaru's and since then I have "paid it forward" by helping others both here and at their place, or literally along the roadside.
  14. Well done! You're actually lucky several ways. A lot of times that won't throw a code because the engine usually has to be actually running (not jsut cranking) to get a code. And now you understand why I said to start spraying. Never had to remove all that stuff to get the 10mm out. But I've had to remove more than what you listed to get some sensors out for sure. And as pointed out - thanks for posting the resolution. I thought about putting anti-seize on the last one I repalced. To make it easy for the next fella if it ever needed removed again.
  15. MY VW front rotors n pads last 100k. Rears 60k(stupid litlte pads). But for all else anymore most rotors ar eCHinese junk no matter what name is on them. So I buy the best pads and replace with rotors - often the cheap ones. IIR on SUbaru's the ex GF would get 50-60k out of the Wagner thermo quiets and cheap(Quality Brand Chinese) rotors on her Impreza's (95 then 02?)