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Gremlin 401ish


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That 96" (IIRC) wheelbase makes for a handful....:grin:


and 401 cubes is plenty!


Cool to see another AMC person around. I have a handful of them myself.


68 Javelin with a 290 and a BW automagic

68 BigBadOrange AMX with a 401 and an automagic

and my Dad has a 69 AMX Go Pack with a 390 and the Borg Warner close ratio Super T10.

They all have the AMC20 with a Twin Grip. Looks like you do too.:)


I just missed an opportunity on a Gremlin about a week ago. It had a built 258 I6, and came with a spare 360. Missed a heck of a deal. Oh well.


Cool to see someone else is keeping them alive!

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This car actually belongs to a buddy of mine. When I first started on USMB, (and still today) I'm not too good on the computer... He guessed my password, and put his car on here... It is a kicka** car, very fun and fast.




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Sorry, not too computer savvy, tried to put this one in last post too...




Current avitar are some of my vehicles...

Blue= 1968 chevy van 108, 250-I6

White= Dearly departed 1994 AWD GMC Safari 4.3 vortec R.I.P.

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I am very sad to inform ya'll that the driver/owner/builder of this car (AKA...Roowho) left this earthly world on 11/11/13.

He's a dear friend who will never be forgotten... (and not just for super fun Gremlin / SuperBee rides...)


RIP Ron - Love Ya Brother


Ronald Kind... West Bend WI 10/11/62- Blossom TX 11/11/13

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