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I need to be able to get at that dust under my bed better , so manuals MOVE OVER!


Before you read on I'd like to offer a Haynes manual FREE with the purchase of any of the Factory Service Manuals I have for sale. These are good to keep in the car and although they are often criticized they can come in handy for most of the work you'll ever need to do roadside.


Haynes 1980-1994 Red Cover 89003 , and Haynes 1971 thru 1977 1100 1300 1400 1600 Blue Cover 237(US)


Only those two so first two who buy and want one are the lucky winners.


FSM's - more to be listed soon....

MSA-110 Subaru 1600 Engine and Body Supplement (reprint edition) Feb. 1981 Good condition , all there , nothing missing or messed with. About 7/8 of an inch thick. $15 plus cheap shipping - Media mail if possible


MSA-113 Subaru 1600 1800 Engine and Body October 1981 Edition About an inch and a half thick. Cover is not bad but pages are almost untouched. Really nice inside. $20 plus cheap shipping like above.


Also have an '89 maunal I'll list in the regular F/S Forum.

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I posted interest in your other thread with the 89 'loyale' FSM's


I need specific ones to cover specific things as a lot of them are general between different years or models using the same paragraphs or diagrams. I am trying to compile a database web based searchable fsm.


I will be looking for the following (ea82) for now


1985 or 86 gl electrical

1987 electrical

the 89 electrical book you have covers the rest


85 or 86 xt electrical


i already have a c0mplete 1988 xt fsm, and a 1987 xt as well.



if you have more that go to these years let me know

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