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Guess we're a Toyota Family now :)

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Traded out the wifes piece of ************ Ford Fusion and got a 2007 Toyota Camry, Hybrid :cool:




I was alittle worried and hesitant about the Hybrid. We test drove alot of Camrys and loved them, but then we saw this Hybrid model and loved it even more. It drives so smooth, and has more power than the non-hybrid model. The CVT is going to take some getting used to, but already i have re-learned how to drive and was able to achieve 38mpg. My wife got 40 today on her way home from work :headbang:


Something feels good about that, after getting 11-13mpg in the Land Tank.






Even though its the wifes car, i have been talking her into a few cosmetic improvements. Like maybe this spoiler:



And the mesh grill from the SE models:



But so long as our gas bill gets cut in half (her commute is 60+ miles a day) i will be satisfied. And I can rest assured she is going to make it to work and back safely.

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One thing I'll say about Camry (even though I like the Accord better) It has an incredibly smooth ride. And as far as I know Toyota fixed the door handle problem, so you should be able to get in and out of the car for a very long time. And it will still be worth a fortune when you decide to trade it in in 5-6 years.


I know that's three things, either way it's a good buy. :burnout:

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has more power than the other 4cyl models, but not sure about the V6. With the CVT you dont really know you are accelerating or how fast you are going. I had to beat a yellow light the other day and looked down as i crossed through the intersection to see i was going almost 70mph. And I was traveling 35mph when I approached the light. Suprised the crap outa me, and the suspensions real soft. Not like the SE models we test drove, it sucks up all the harsh cracks and bumps in our californian streets.


I gave up driving like a granny, and am amazed to still be getting an average 38mpg for this tank.

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