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Ej22 Swap, Fuel pump not getting power... Help.

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WOOOOOOOOOO!! Went and got a ecu from upullit for 20$ got it home and started to check the FUEL PUMP POWER nothing, turns out I was to slow and it had already pullsed and turned off!! Got spark, fuel pump power!! Time to charge the Battry and start this puppy!!!


GD I OWE You!! Thanks a lot guys for all the help!! time to get er running!!! :headbang::headbang::clap::headbang:

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Well today i tripple chekced to see if i wastnt seeing things, or seeing what i wanted to see... hooked it all up and BAM!! THe fuel pump turned on!!! :headbang: :headbang::clap::headbang::clap::headbang::Flame: READY TO ROCK! FIRST FIRE UP IS TOMARROW!! Had to get a gas can on Premium or it would have been done today :headbang::headbang:


-Prwa AAE

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