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  1. Glad to still see this build is still alive! Much inspiration to be had here!
  2. Prwa101

    R160 locker coming soon!

    I think there pretty much the same just different gear ratios much higher than the older one
  3. Prwa101

    R160 locker coming soon!

    The difference there is the newer R160 and the older R160. Newer being the weird tribecas and ascents. Older being everything else. The vLSD housing didnt allow for enough room and has a different inner one spider dosnt come out like the others.
  4. Prwa101

    R160 locker coming soon!

    Spot on! ^ "Will this fit my Subaru?" As long as its not an STI lol R160 is in almost every Subaru out there
  5. Prwa101

    R160 locker coming soon!

    All you guys who have been around for a while have seen my old work on the R160 ratchet locker. Sadly never got any further on it due to funding and machine limitations. But! ADF and Torqmasters has teamed up to make this happen! 400$ a unit roughly should be completed and may/June! Big news for almost all Subarus out there as the R160 was used thought the years. If any one has any questions let me know!
  6. Prwa101

    finished lift!

    That thing looks awesome man!!!! Glad it worked out for you! Patrick Anderson Design-fab
  7. I make a product for this, 2.5" lower lift brackets. But if im under standing you right this has also been done before. http://www.newenglandsubarus.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6312&s=e6c2e2cb443e2768956c3738e9c7e9ab This is a 98 forester on king springs, 2.5" lower lift brackets and a 2" subframe spacer.
  8. Prwa101


    Try using a sledge hammer? I used a 8lb one last time. Another option is to take the hub off and press it out
  9. Prwa101

    GL wagon lift

    Hit me up a message i build but i have a buddy that has one of my old ones for sale!
  10. ^^ thats me all right, all camber offset lift blocks so stock camber can be achived after install (as long as you mark your camber bolts) This is one of my 2" kits on an 03
  11. Prwa101

    Recommended tires

    You'll prolly lose 2-3mpg with the larger tire becaus of the larger mass
  12. Prwa101

    Recommended tires

    But the way my lift is built I can run up to 30's ish depending on how much I wanna cut. I think the next tire I get will be a 225/75/16 copper STT Pro
  13. Prwa101

    Recommended tires

    I get from 17-21 depending on where I am an hoe I'm driving. I'm in 215/70/16's as the newer forester allow for a slightly larger tire.
  14. Prwa101

    Recommended tires

    Maybe a hair in the front on the mud flap. Buy easily trimmed. Most of the time it's only in full lock.
  15. Prwa101

    Recommended tires

    Haha max tire is 215/75/15's. i love my copper at/3's, general grabber at2 is a good tire. Heard some of the dump pro mt's are pretty good. If you go much larger you'll rub if the spring perch. The 75s are pretty close. 70's will fit like a glove.