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If you haven't gotten your windshield gasket yet ....

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Check the post. http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/showthread.php?t=132555


Go to the end and check for your name.


If I have not sent to you yet PLEASE send me a PM or email at moosens at yahoo . com with your BOARD NAME , REAL NAME , and make sure I get YOUR ADDRESS.


I know some of you covered your butt , but some didn't and for some reason I can't get all info from Paypal now.


The "RISK" guy who sent me a check. You are applewoodfurniture , just need your address too , and info.


Please don't anybody ask what happened or question why this or that. just please give the info required to get your package to you and allow me to easily match up names and do what you expect me to do. :D


Yeah , sometimes its like that ..... Cheers!


Monday should see me getting another wave out. I think I'm up to around 13 people covered. Anyhow , you can count too if you want.:-p

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:D Sure , next year. :-p


Ok , going better now. If I need info I'll pound on your door.


IT WAS ONLY A few PEOPLE so I should be good now. :clap:


Chris in Muskegon , what's your board name?


78Brat - that's Devon , right? I hope so. :D You have a package on the way.


The list is in my car right now so I'll update tomorrow.


5 in a box for Denton TX. Waiting to see if Nate doesn't mind handling.

Also have International guys in que and will have shipping $ in the next day or so. Todd , you're up in the next wave.

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