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I used "royal purple purple ice" in my cad ht 4.1 with aluminum block and cast iron heads, and it was happy

if you are really concerned with your coolant use "delo" coolant, can explain if desired

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Ya, could you elaborate?


I found this on delo coolants:


"ChevronTexaco Global Lubricants (CTGL), a division of a wholly owned subsidiary of ChevronTexaco Corp., recently announced the extension of their coolant product line to include Chevron DEX-COOL Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant and Chevron Supreme Antifreeze/Coolant for the aftermarket.


According to ChevronTexaco, DEX-COOL provides cooling system protection for cars and light-duty vehicles for up to five years or 150,000 miles, five times longer than most conventional coolants. The Chevron Supreme product is suitable for both automotive and heavy-duty diesel applications and is intended for customers who want a quality-grade conventional antifreeze.


Earlier in 2002, ChevronTexaco introduced Delo Extended Life Coolant (ELC), available in concentrated and pre-diluted form. The ELC utilizes a patented carboxylate technology and contains no silicate, phosphate, borate or nitrate, according to the company, to provide maximum protection of the six basic metal alloys found in most heat transfer systems."


Which delo coolant you recommend and why?


Also, what "royal purple purple ice" has to do with water wetter and what is "cad ht 4.1"?



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Run away from dex-cool (aka death cool). It has caused nothing but problems for GM owners. Do a google and you will see mostly complaint and class action lawsuit pages. It works well in the lab but in the real world it is a problem waiting to happen.


No snake oil coolant additive is going to prevent head gasket failures. The design of the engine and the gasket is flawed. The subaru additive doesn't prevent failures, it just plugs the leaks as they develop. IMHO following the advice of Subaru is usually the best path for a Subaru owner. That includes using Subaru coolant or similar and the Subaru additive when required.

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