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  1. arnold's motor supply of ankeny howell welding ames does good fab. work, and who knows what
  2. now that most of the important projects are out of the way, it is time to work on the BRAT again several months ago I bought a newer ea71 from '84 5spd fwd hatch it has the side mount starter I would like to mate it to the 5spd d/r from '85 wagon what is required to mate them and install in the '79 BRAT? clutch, transmission input shaft, driveshaft, and axle stubs compatability concerns.
  3. all of my glass has the same markings left, right, front didn't check the back but assumed to be the same NIPPON SAFETY
  4. subiemech85

    Weber manual choke through the firewall

    I vote for the manual choke use a cable
  5. subiemech85

    Need welding advice

    my welder came with K-T e71t-gs self shielding welding wire, it works fine I also bought the made in Italy 2# item# 44877 for $15 at harbor freight, and the Hobart e71t-11 for $20 at tractor supply my lincoln pro-core 100 cost $75 at a pawn shop 3 years ago the harbor freight blue flames helmet is good, bought a second one because the first one disappeared after welding class one day. try miller and hobart welding boards for more help ESAB has a lot of info.
  6. subiemech85

    Top Speed

    try fuelly for "average" fuel economy, mine is the gl-10 it has the ea81 with ea82 intake and carb, with the ea82T 3.7 PB 4wd the engine makes more power than the clutch can handle, which doesn't mean much which trans. and gearing you have will make a difference as to the "power" for going uphill or against the wind
  7. and I was thinking no more Joe Walsh http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Life's_Been_Good
  8. subiemech85

    1987 subaru rx aftermarket performance parts

    SEARCH for subspeed http://web.archive.org/web/20050307041648/http://www.subspeed.com/Rx.htm http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/showthread.php?t=87980&highlight=subspeed and if $ grows on trees for you, RAM engine$
  9. subiemech85

    1inch lift block

    twist your nuts
  10. If you would have SEARCHED, you woud have FOUND http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/showthread.php?t=98021&highlight=oilpan found by searching oilpan in historic
  11. the gauge position is not "normal" no "overflow" tank until gen3 the bracket is for the jack only time mine read higher is when it was 1/2 gallon low of coolant I added a vw diesel coolant tank when I did the engine swap refer to picture @ http://www.pixbox.se/pic_show_id30699044.html for "normal" gauge positions this picture was taken before purchase, much cleaner now!
  12. subiemech85

    Holy subaru god's

    the '85 & '86 had different style shifter from my '85 before I bought it I like my "crest brown" '86 GL-10 better, roof rack, sunroof, added LSD, hitch, ea81, slightly newer radio and equalizer you have ea82t, not ea81t, you seemed to indicate you had both in one post, IIRC
  13. confirmed: I found an old set for a ? '79 lincoln continental town car in the shed that are not as bad as the old DUDs clearancing of the bump stop lower pad must be done, no problem for angle grinder with cutoff wheel. still looking for FRONT inserts!
  14. there may be an obscure FORD ea82 may work, CARB only