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When I turn on the hear to the floor position in my 2012 Outback 90% of the heat blows out the defroster vents on top of the dash and almost no heat makes it to my feet or goes to the back seat area, I took it back to my dealer and they told me that that was part of the design and there was nothing they could do about it, I then called Subaru customer service they looked into the situation and called me back and said the dealer was correct that it was part of the engineering and that is the way that it is, well if I would have known that I would have never bought that vehicle, buyer beware, has anyone else encountered this ?

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Before you start naysaying the car, ask the delaer to show it to you in another car. You can do a 2013 if there are no 2012's as they are pretty much the same with the HVAC.


Maybe these will help





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