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My '91 Legacy L 2.2L won't start. It would turn over, but not start. I pulled the codes and got back a cam position sensor, water temperature sensor, and canister purge valve solenoid. I think the CPV is an old code. I replaced the cam position sensor and now it won't even turn over. I have spark, a new air filter, and good fuel pressure up to the engine. One of the spark plugs was wet. Before the starting issue began, it was burning oil, and leaking power steering fluid, but otherwise had no trouble driving or starting. I'm not sure what to check next, so any ideas would be much appreciated.

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Water temp sensors can cause it to run rich.


When you changed the cam sensor you got or lost spark?


You might be flooded from all of the start attempts. If you have spark try putting the gas pedal to the floor and holding it there as you crank to try to clear the cylinders of excess fuel.



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I have spark now, after changing the cam sensor. I just tried cranking it with the gas pedal pushed down, and it didn't seem to change anything.


The timing belt is a possibility, but I'm hoping it's something I can check myself. I also don't know why it would've slipped.


When I tried starting it before changing the sensor, there were clear cycles as I cranked. Now it's more of a constant sound with less distinguishable cycling. I'm not sure if cycling is the technical term, but that's how I'd describe it.

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