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Need a history lesson

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OK. I keep hearing many terms that I want to clarify so when I talk with people I will actually know what I am talking about.


I keep hearing terms like Series 1, series 2, Gen 1 and Gen 2.


Can someone please explain them. I've been told my Car [a 1979 GL 1600 Wagon] is the last of the series 2 of Gen 1? Is this correct?


Thanks. Dan

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Stage two refers to the change in bodywork midway thru the 1977 m/y. So the '78 and '79's got tagged Stage two's as well basically. Stage one refers to the cars not ff-1's built from 1972 thru mid 1977,


Now , for laughs - the 1973 cars or for certain the Coupe , came in THREE stages that year only. Don't let that confuse matters.

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