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LSD front in a D/R?

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I'm tired of trying to find FWD MT Impreza axles for my D/R so I'm going to put different stub shafts in it so I can use the beefier stock Legacy axles.  Since I'm going to have the tranny open can I /should I put in a helical LSD at the same time?

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  Hi.  Say, I've been runnin' the Chinese shafts from O-Rileys now for several years, with good success, in my 88 GL10T.  I think there are some after mkt. posi units that will fit our old D/Rs, but iirc their quite expensive. Carry on.  Steve.

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Front diffs are the same for all 5MTs. So anything listed for a Subaru 5MT will work.


I have a Carbonetic clutch-type (listed for an '02+ WRX) for the 5MT D/R that's going in my Brat. The Carbonetic has a very large case, and it will not clear the 1.59:1 low range gears, but it does clear the 1.19 set (RX trans), so I'll be using that. You can see the difference here, when compared to a stock, open front diff:



Arrow pointing at the spot where it hits. Now it looks like most helical diffs won't have that problem. I've heard first hand reports of people using the OBX diffs without incident.



Sweet write-up on improving the quality of an OBX diff:




I keep seeing these pop up on Ebay, looks like an OEM JDM helical diff. Probably pretty high quality, and looks like a lot of clearance for low range gears. Used...but I'd rather use this than an OBX one.



Thinking I might grab that, and build a 3.9, 1.59, PT4WD trans for my XT6 for RallyX use.....




Also, AFAIK the Carbonetic is the only one that uses separate and/or OEM stubs, which is one of the reasons I chose it, so I will have 23-spline stubs in my Brat.

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