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howdy all.  been lurking for at least a decade, have ran various ea81 2wd, mostly c/w, since @ 1990, 74 gl coupe and two ff-1s before that.  checking to see if anyone has the following before i commit to other sources, the best prices i have found incl s/h are given for each.  would prefer to buy from a list member if i can get a better price, to be paid via paypal.


130 1400 clutch kit, or parts:

12 disc

78 plate

16 t/o/b

10 p/b

  2 pb seal

  8 alignment tool (i question if i really need this)


24 tie rod end

28 control arm ball joint

50 complete gasket set (head, intake, exhaust, valves) or individual gaskets


oh!  i may need a heater core, wondering if there are any options here or is there a specific 1400 core?


i am fixing to start a separate thread to discuss the car in the appropriate forum, thanks for any replies here!

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Shop with "dannybreadman" on eBay first. He's here as "drivesubies". If he comes up short on anything there's currently a couple other sellers with new old stock for your car.


After that there's a wealth of used parts from folks like myself , Subaru3 , Subafreak , ctsuba , and more .....


You can do better and get Subaru parts not Vera , etc......crap. I'm thinking you're going to enjoy the whole process. You're lucky that there's still parts out there and we're all fairly reasonable on prices. One guy on eBay recently has some NOS and I think he's here too , but he apparently hasn't researched much and is asking a bit much on his items. That's why you should shop with Danny first.


Enjoy !!!

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