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Basically, Toyota has decided to import the stripped-out JDM 86 base model. Seems pretty sweet, apart from the overdone sticker kit on the model shown. Article's below, have a look-see:




And the actual car:



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You might be a race car driver if:

You would take a rollcage over air conditioning if it were offered...


I test drove one of the scions (because the subaru dealership didn't have a BRZ) and the salesman tried to sell me the radio and I told him I flat out don't care about the radio and how its ipod ready...Besides most people rip out factory radios and install better units anyway


I told him I care about performance and driving fun,everything else are just gimmicks. I want a stateside striped down model-radio delete,wind up windows,vinyl carpet and seats,limited slip,no nanny controls,handling package,etc...and of course manual.

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