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Here are the pics showing how my EGR/ASV system was plugged/modified, whatever you want to call it.


First is a picture of the entire engine. Look below to where the exhaust would come out. There is a little pipe about the size of a quarter in diameter coming towards the camera, it's been cut and welded shut.


The next picture is of the same pipe, just on the other side of the engine, the driver side. Same thing. I was told these pipes are part of the ASV system by someone on a forum here. My mechanic said EGR.. Wouldn't these pipes normally lead up to the EGR valve somehow so it can redirect exhaust to the intake?


On the first pic, see the bolt directly above the pipe I'm talking about. What engine port is this. There is just a bolt instead whatever went here. A sensor perhaps? The third picture is a closer image of this same bolt/port. It is right by the passenger-side rear spark plug.


The next (fourth) picture shows the EGR valve close up. As you can see, the (intake?) hose for the valve just has a bolt shoved in it.


The fifth picture is just a view from a little farther away so you can see where the valve is..


The sixth pic is of the EGR valve, looking from the passenger side. This shows another engine port on the intake manifold where a bolt has just been shoved in. What is this port for??


The horrible part is that I don't know if these "bolts" can be easily removed. They look like they were welded in..


One last question, the last (seventh) pic shows the passenger side of the engine from the front view. There are tons of attachment points for bolts and what not on this side. What are they meant for?







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going point by point.


the tubes below are for the ASV system, guaranteed.  they dont attach to the egr system and never did.  there used to be pumps attached to the back of your motor that pulled air from the air cleaner, and pumped it into the exhaust through that welded up tube.  they welded the tubes and removed the valves.  no performance gain or loss, so unless you need it for emissions I wouldnt worry about it.  if you do need it for emissions or inspections, post in the looking for parts section, a lot of us pull that system so theres bound to be available parts.  you will need the tube and the valve for each side (might only be one side on EA81, dont know for sure).  the upper assembly is just rubber hose running to the air cleaner, so you could even use a breather cap filter if you want.  tell your mechanic its an air injection system for the exhaust, he will know what that is.


the EGR system is contained within the head and intake manifold.   theres a tube running from  the head of your car into the intake manifold.  it feeds exhaust from the exhaust port into the manifold.  theres a seperate chamber in the intake manifold that feeds the EGR valve, which then allows exhaust into the normal chamber of the intake manifold.  the small vacuum line opens and closes the EGR depending on throttle, and that big hose ran to the Anti Afterfire valve.  


the anti afterfire valve is seperate system from EGR, but it uses the EGR system to do its thing. its not even for emissions, it just  stops the engine from making poping noises when coasting downhill with the throttle closed.  its another system that is commonly removed.  if you dont need to have it leave it plugged, if you do post here, theres probably more than one floating around.


I'm willing to bet that the 2 bolts are where the egr pipe went between the head and manifold (if they are on the same side anyway).  if it is, you can get one from a junker somewhere, here or at a yard.  might be able to get away with a couple of fittings and a rubber hose, but make sure the hose can handle some heat.  double check on it, and/or post a pic of that intake port so we can see it.


the intake at least is aluminum, I think the heads are too, so unlikely to be welded in, though its possible.


I dont know the position of the EA81 accessories, but if you add PS and AC pretty much the whole front of the engine is covered so Im sure those mounting points are for those systems.

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Looks like an ugly but fairly legit job of Deleting the ASV, anti backfire, and EGR systems.  you could leave it all like that.


Personally I would restore the EGR operation. Pretty easy, just need to find the pipe that goes from the head (top of passenger side head, tube with bolt rammed into it) to the intake near the EGR.


But the ASV and Anti-Backfire systems are junk and should be left off.

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