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Mint Condish '86 XT Turbo-- Audio upgrade advice?

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You could say I lucked out on this local craigslist find.


71k miles, rust, scratchless, spotless interior, all original and all electronics working flawlessly, 1986 front-wheel drive automatic XT Turbo.


I'm a complete novice when it comes to modifications, but I want to upgrade the audio.....Replace the tape deck/am/fm unit with a modern deck, replace speakers, install small sub and amp.


The sound system is complete crap. Anybody have experience upgrading these components in an XT? Any advice would be extremely helpful.


Love my first subaru!

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there are a few audio threads and upgrades by members (nearly all of which are members here too) on a Subaru XT specific forum, subaruxt.com, check that out.


it's just like any other sound upgrade - replace speakers, install wiring, install head unit.  they have shared ground wiring of some sort so best (and easy anyway) to just run new wire.


the only thing about the XT is the oddly shaped space for the unit and folks have done a few different methods for filling that in if you're interested in making it flush and stock-ish looking.

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Do not try to pry off the whole bezel around the dash/radio console.  Even though that would seem to be the way, don't do it.


Above the radio.....in the middle of the trip computer if it has one (probably if turbo)  THere is a blank cover, pry it out, and remove the screw under it.  That will allow the trip computer to come out.  Then you can access the screws that hold the bracket for the stereo and pull it out.


As mentioned, like any older subaru the front/rear speakers share a common ground.  Easiest way around this is to run new wires to the front speakers, and then use the existing speaker wire for just the rears.

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