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How to get rid of that ABS light? (1992 Legacy, EJ22)

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My Anti-lock braking system is non-functional since many months (broke the front ABS rings, don't ask,,,) and I removed the big fuse in the engine bay to prevent the ABS logic from checking it's function (which results in low brake power a few seconds after starting the engine, which could be very annoying and dangerous). So everything is fine so far, but "of course" the ABS light in the dash is on (my mother's Hyundai Starex shut offs the light also when removing the fuse).


That wouldn't bother me, but it's bothering the German agencies for technical inspections (general inspection every 2 years on old cars)  since last year and therefore won't approve "inspection passed" if the ABS light is on although they don't test the ABS itself for function. And you don't need to have an ABS at all... Anyway, silly German laws. I urgently need to go to the general inspection and therefore I need to get that ABS light off.


Has anyone an idea how to get that light off? Besides taking out the dah and removing the bulb...



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remove the bulb.  takes like 10 minutes to get out...maybe 20 your first time.   1995+ legacy's are that easy, i'd suspect earlier to be the same.


alternately find the power or ground wire to the bulb and cut it. FSM might help or multimeter on ground and keep testing various pins right behind the dash/ABS light and you might get continuity and be able to cut the wire...but then you gotta hope you get the right one, crawl all contorted in the drivers side foot well and work up under the dash....


nearly any FSM is found on line these days - any 90-94 Legacy should be identical in this regard if it has ABS - the wiring diagram will tell you connector shapes, pin outs, wire colors, etc and you can track it down.  that's a lot of effort/time over pulling the bulb.

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either reinstall the fuse, or pull the bulb - cluster is not that hard to get out.


you might even be able to get to it from under the dash - if you dont mind being a bit of a contortionist, and have skinny arms/small hands...just have to make sure you are getting the correct one.


simple twist out bulb holder - no wires on the actual bulb holder - power is supplied through a "circuit board" configuration on back of guage cluster

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