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Torquing each one all the way, going around just once, I think would guarantee the lugs would have different clamping force/stretch.


I would put that in the bad, bad, bad folder!

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does anyone else feel lug nuts should be replaced after a several years? I have replaced them on our 03. They get a lot of 'cycles' with tire rotations. And they sorta 'gall' on the contact area.


As long as they aren't stripped or completely ugly no. I've yet to ever have lugs loosen that were torqued correctly the first time, and this covers everything from multiple Fords (4 and 5 lugs-Mustang Foxes, Cougar, F150, SHO; aluminum to steel), Chrysler Laser 4 lug (aluminum rims), VW steel rims, Subaru steel, Saab aluminum, Geo Storm GSi aluminum, and several more I'm forgetting. 


If lugs are loosening, they either weren't torqued enough to begin with, or the rotor mounting surface was uneven, causing the wheel to not sit correctly. ONLY time I ever had a wheel come off from lugs that backed off while moving, I was towing an 83' F150 with 5 lug steel rims. The rear drum brakes were seized, and the wheels needed pulled to break the rust seal from the shoes. Wheels were put back on, but only torqued to maybe 50 ft/lbs by the previous owner. I was so beat that day from getting this non running truck to move and get on a dolly, I completely forgot to double check. About 60 miles later while on the highway, wheel apparently came off. Lug threads were surprisingly OK and not even gouged. Wheel was completely lost. Thankfully a spare came with the truck and had air. Grabbed 1 lug each from each remaining wheel plus and extra from a front, mounted the spare and off I went. 


I suggest buying a 1/2" breaker bar from local auto store for $30 or whatever, and buying a good quality socket that matches your lugs. KEEP it with the car as it can fit easily in most wheel wells. I'll snug all the lugs while car is raised, lower it, then crank down by hand in 5 star pattern. Once hand tight, I'll position the wrench to be stood on and crank it down 1/4 turns while still alternating in a star pattern until all 4-5 lugs are tight. I've yet to have loose lugs after rechecking. Even after a year or so they'll remain tight. If you have extra cash, buy a larger torque wrench to make sure you are tightening enough. Last resort would be to use a thread locker, but I prefer a tiny smudge of anti-seize and torque wrench. Aluminum by design always needs rechecked, but I've yet to ever have aluminum that was properly torqued come loose, even with anti-seize.

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I'll snug all the lugs while car is raised, lower it, then crank down by hand in star pattern.


This for sure - never go around in a circle - always a star shaped pattern to ensure proper seating.


maybe this will help...



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