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  1. The new radiator in my '05 forester is zip-tied in place because it was just a liiiiitle too tall.
  2. Running in air with wheels off a mechanics stethescope will tell the tale.
  3. Yeah the symptoms are all over the map. Suggests multiple failure mechanisms.
  4. I have never had one get warm, man some of them that would have made things a lot easier!
  5. I wish they lived close, I love a good mystery. I *used* to live right near New Britain.
  6. Checking for heat or looseness is always good, I had a back get loose but by then I was literally driving with ear plugs.
  7. Well it could be a bent hub. Never have seen one, but is possible. With wheels in the air has anyone run it so the wheels rotated and done a visual check nothing is rotating wobbly?
  8. On my 4EAT the secret sauce was to support by the front nub, jiggle up and down, and rotate it slowly.
  9. On my 03 outback the stupid low beams stayed on when the stupid high beams were on. drove me nuts.
  10. I try to always fill with he front end raised. I have a hilly yard so sometimes I fill then park it on the lawn with the nose up.
  11. I had an '03 H6 for a long time. I think the head gasket rates are about the same for any other aluminum block-head car. The rate is low but not zero. The 6cyl is really great if you do a lot of freeway driving. Around town I like my lighter more spritely 2.5L 2005 forester better.
  12. I had my '05 forester have the right front caliper go bad multiple times- the piston actually sticking. I finally bought a premium part and has been good since. I would make sure to flush the carp out of the system too.