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fuel filter, pump, and/or strainer on 92 loyale

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ok. I've gotten my error codes to disappear :) but i still have my major problem of the engine bucking like mad under just about any degree of load (including just stomping the pedal in neutral):banghead:


i've replaced the fuel filter in the engine compartment already. My question is whether or not there is a second filter in the rear of the car by the fuel tank. also, is there a strainer for the fuel pump? (have been unable to locate the part on any of the parts websites) Is the strainer maybe built right into the fuel pump?


also, could the fact that i need to replace my water pump be causing this behavior?

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Should be some sort of strainer in the tank - never seen a part number aftermarket. No second filter.


BTW, anyone know how/where to check fuel pressure? I have almost the same problem developing, but mine only happens at 3/4 tank and below, so I think there's a problem with the pump pulling prime.


Roxtar, didn't mean to hijack your post - I think you need to check your pressure as well.

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this may or may not help, but i had a fuel leak on my 88 spfi gl 4wd wagon, it was the fuel damper which is right at the fuel pump, about the size of a quarter and fatter , i was told is is like a check valve ,and to put 1 back in it's place ,

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