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1993 loyale 2wd manual noise

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Wrong section


Hard to say but could be the main shaft bearing.


If it's not poping out of gear it's still okay for while.


Once it starts popping out of gear......get a new trans or get yours serviced.  (i replace bearings in them all the time.)

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Is there noise when you're stationary and in neautral with your foot off the clutch?
How about stationary with the pedal to the floor?

What about when you're in gear and decelerating and you push in the clutch (But still keep it in gear) does it still make the noise?


give us as MANY details about the noise as possible. What conditions have to be met for it to make noise. What conditions, if any, have to be met for it to NOT make noise.

Btw, this is going to get moved by a mod at some point so you're going to have to look for it in the forum ABOVE the BRZ forum you posted in. Old gens forum.

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