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Hard pull when braking...

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  • 1999 Mercury Cougar V6 2.5l


Scenario 1: Hands on Wheel

Pulls very hard to the left when braking.  After letting off the brakes - the car will immediately straighten itself out.


Scenario 2: Hands off the Wheel

If traveling in a straight line - Wheel turns to left when braking as if some kind of auto pilot has been engaged, but the vehicle continues in a straight path.  After letting off the brakes - the wheel straightens out.  Once again, maintaining a pretty straight path.


Obviously Scenario 2 is undoubtedly dangerous.  We have temporarily learned to counter steer while braking.  Terrible thing to have to learn.




Any thoughts on where I should begin?

  • One of Front Struts?
  • Rack or Rack bushings?
  • Tie-rods?
  • I’ve already replaced Calipers, Pads and Rotors all the way around the car.  My initial thought was a hanging caliper.

Kind regards

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Go back and check your work on the calipers. 199 this car is old enough to need front end work. A bad bushing can cause this. 

Triple checked my work on that.  It was fine.


Turned out to be the passenger side control arm bushings.  I replaced the control arm / lower ball joint assembly and it immediately fixed the problem.

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