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1993 Chevy 4.3 Vortec with coolant/water in oil

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Hey everyone!


Just acquired a 93 Blazer with a 4.3l V6 and its been sitting for a month or two with coolant/water in the oil from either head gasket, cracked head, or intake gasket. But what I want to try and find out is what the best way to flush the oil and get as much water, and maybe rust, out of the engine as I can

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I would just drain it out, leave the plug out while you do your repairs, then refill it and not worry about it.


Its most likely an intake gasket, but you should consider doing the head gaskets while you have it torn down that far. 4.3 heads arent prone to cracking, but do warp sometimes if theyve been real hot, so check for that too.

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