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​Hello, I have a 98 OBW 200+.  Bad torque bind, AT light flashing. I opened the tail end of the transmission and things just dropped out.  Does anyone have any idea what that broken metal band is to?  Also the end of this gear looks sheered off.  How bad is this?


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this is the transfer clutch for the power to the rear wheels.


the larger corrugated drum contains clutch dics,

which i think are mis-named.

they should be called ''rings''.

one ring has grooves cut on the outside,

the next ring has grooves cut on the inside of the ring.

when the rings are compressed together,

they ''clutch'' to each other,

and turn together as a single unit.

when not compressed, or when loose,

they do not clutch,

and the ''driven'' clutch drum does not turn.


the busted piece you see is the smaller clutch drum,

or at least part of it.

it too is corrugated to match the inside of the clutch rings.


one drum is connected to the trans main shaft,

and one is connected to the rear output shaft of the trans,

which powers the rear wheels.


the bustred clutch drum in the pic probably should be connected to the trans half of the setup.

i can't tell if the pic is of the trans side ,

or the rear extension side.


this is not a common failure,

but it is not unheard of either.

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Sorry, pic is of the extension housing that the clutch drum is in.  Does that mean I have a busted output shaft?  Also I can pull that gear out of the extension housing but that drum is stuck to the clutches.  It wiggles a little.  The busted output shaft will move about 4 inches out of the transmission but then seems to hit something internal and will not pull all the way out.


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It happens.

The gear section of the output drum should just pull out of the trans. You might have to wiggle it some.


The drums get grooved really bad and the grooves make it a pain to pull the broken section out because the clutch plates hang up in the grooves.


Pull the while clutch drum assembly out of the tailhousing and turn it upside down, then wiggle the inner drum back and forth rapidly and it should start to slide out.


If that doesn't get it, use a smal screwdriver or pick to pull the snap ring out of the outer drum. Then all the clutches should pull out together with the drum.

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I did get the drum unstuck from the clutches with a hammer and screw driver.  Any idea what those peices are jamed into the clutch pack?  another pic on the paper towel shows up good.  As you can see that shaft is stuck in the transmission. Even if the drum had stayed on it is completely shot as you will see with deep grooving.




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I did eventually pull the rear drive shaft out of the transmission.  had to spin and wiggle it out.  That part is broken.  Also in need of replacement is the clutch drum as it is scared and scratched.  I know all of these things come apart but they need to be pressed in so at this point I think I would just buy them used as one assembly.



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