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EJ20 conversion

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Hi, im after some help if possible. Ive got a 1994 brat that ive put an ej20g into.  Im all but done, I had the engine running 3 days ago. was running beautifully. I fitted 3 gauges to it, tach, water temp, boost, and i put a blow off valve on it. since then i cant get it to run. it cranks but ive got no spark or injector pulse. but there is fuel pressure.

The engine had messed me around in the past. I moved the bracket with the ignitor, checked all wires (fixed a couple) and cleaned up some earths. Which got it running but now im back to square one. so im thinking it maybe something deeper. Ive replaced the crank sensor and ive connected all the vacuum hoses (not the originals, what ever i could find).

Im thinking it could be the self shut off control not working right. Ive done some research and a few people have said about rewiring the main relay or fit a diode. If anyone knows of this problem any help is appreciated.

Any other ideas on why it wont start would be helpful too.


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