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I was driving down the freeway the other day and lost power steering and battery light came on. Pulled over and saw the main belt had come off.. crankshaft pulley / harmonic balancer was wobbling all over the place. Got the car towed to my Grandpa's shop and took mostly everything apart. 


Does anyone have tips for removing this crankshaft sprocket? The woodruff key I believe broke in half and part of it is still on the crankshaft. We have tried almost everything in the book to get the crankshaft sprocket / gear off and it won't budge. 


This type of thing is a little bit out of my ballpark maintenance wise however I have a mechanic coming on Monday to check it out. If anyone has some tips on how we can get this sprocket off so we can check out the rest of the crank to make sure it's ok I would very much appreciate it.


Thank you





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Thanks for the reply. That is what we are planning to do on Monday. Wanted to see if anyone else had thoughts or advice in the meantime.


Do you think that part of the woodruff key being stuck in there is a big issue? We are afraid / don't want to inflict any more damage to the end of the crankshaft.

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I would flood that shaft with PB Blaster or 3 in 1 Oil or similar to break up that rust between the shaft and the sprocket, and then use sooberoo's method of pulling the sprocket with a gear puller. A 3 clawed unit that hooks behind the gear would save having the thread the sprocket, if it'll fit behind the gear space wise.


I can't recall ever seeing an engine that dirty behind the timing covers. There is a LOT of corrosion going on that doesn't help your situation at all. Good Luck!

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Thanks for all the replies


@Sooberoo very much appreciated advice. Thank you


@gbhrps I was thinking the same about soaking it. Not much room to fit anything behind the gear unfortunately. It is pretty dirty. Bought the car with 160k on it, previous owner said they did maintenance down there around 140k or something of that nature. Subaru almost has 200k on it now so it's definitely over due to replace all the timing belt stuff.

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