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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, Does anyone know if there is a difference between the crankshaft sprocket for a 00/01 EJ251 and a '97-98' EJ25D? I'm trying to diagnose some engine-performance issues and will be looking at my timing soon enough... I have a EJ 251 block mated with the heads from a EJ 25D. The crankshaft sprocket came from the 251, and the cams are for the 25D heads. I read on here that there may be differences between A/T and M/T sprockets of the same block, and I do not know which transmission this block was mated to. According to opposedforces.com, and an online subaru dealer parts page, the sprocket is the same between the 25D and SOHC blocks. Just wondering if anyone knows of a difference. Issues at hand include odd imbalance/vibrations between 1800 and 2500 rpm. Feels like there's a cylinder not firing. Smoke test, and leak-down test are in order, hopefully next weekend after finals. Take care, Greg
  2. Hey all. Last week I started up the soob (2009 Manual Impreza) and heard a light humming coming from the timing belt cover. Turns out that the belt tensioner in the timing belt assembly had slowly backed out of the block and was digging into the cover. I quickly pulled it into the shop before it got any worse and got to work digging into the problem. The tensioner bolt appeared to be stripped so I helicoiled its hole on the block and reinstalled the tensioner with no problems. White marks on crank and both camshafts lined up properly and pin pulled on the belt tensioner. I go to manually spin the crank to check my timing and I hit some kind of blockage at either 1/4 or 1/2 revolution, no matter what camshaft combination I try. I never cranked on it too hard and all 4 spark plugs are out so I know its not compression. I'm scared I somehow bent some valves. The sound appears to be coming from the passenger side of the engine so I took off the valve cover but am unsure of how to check if any valves are bent. I did use the starter and breaker bar to get my harmonic balancer bolt off which I read somewhere on here could be bad. The timing was still on when I did this though so I feel like it shouldn't have caused the issue. Could I have somehow bent my valves or am I doing something stupid?? Appreciate the help.
  3. So i pulled out the transmission and engine from my 79 and pulled them apart. When i removed the flywheel and crankcase i found this. The camshaft seems to have been falling apart and all the parts have fallen in the oil pan along with the rear main seal. So my question is were do i go from here. I have been looking for a camshaft gear but no luck. It seems like the only damaged parts here is the camshaft gear the rest looks good. But could there be more internal damage because of this? Engine would start right up before i took it apart.
  4. I was driving down the freeway the other day and lost power steering and battery light came on. Pulled over and saw the main belt had come off.. crankshaft pulley / harmonic balancer was wobbling all over the place. Got the car towed to my Grandpa's shop and took mostly everything apart. Does anyone have tips for removing this crankshaft sprocket? The woodruff key I believe broke in half and part of it is still on the crankshaft. We have tried almost everything in the book to get the crankshaft sprocket / gear off and it won't budge. This type of thing is a little bit out of my ballpark maintenance wise however I have a mechanic coming on Monday to check it out. If anyone has some tips on how we can get this sprocket off so we can check out the rest of the crank to make sure it's ok I would very much appreciate it. Thank you
  5. I just finished putting my new timing belt on. Checked cam & crank sprocket position markings carefully per Haynes manual, pulled tensioner pin, then checked marks again and counted teeth between sprockets just to make sure all was right. The Haynes manual advises turning the crank clockwise at least 2 full revolutions by hand, prior to starting engine, to make sure all is well. I encountered a springy resistance at a little less than half a turn of the crankshaft. (Requires increasing force with rotation, I gave it up to maybe 40-60 foot-pounds before stopping for fear I'd break something). I don't recall feeling this resistance when I was turning the crank with the old belt installed. Did I do something wrong? Should I be worried? Note that I turned cam sprockets back and forth some while belt was removed---removed & replaced them all to replace cam seals. But as I said above, I'm certain the new timing belt is positioned correctly relative to all sprockets.
  6. My wagon just dropped me at the side of the road, 2 days ago. Just stopped moving. It would crank, had lights, power, all systems seemed to be OK, but wouldn't restart. I assumed timing belts, as my '92 did what seemed to be the exact same thing to me in 1999, but something else is going on... Had a local (good) shop pick it up, and we both thought timing belts, but he told me he can't move the crankshaft. He also said one belt was off, but not broken. I am going over on Monday or Tuesday to look at it and find out more, but we're all confused a bit. I will need to try to determine if it is froze, or if something else is happening. This guy made a slight 'suggestion' that .."maybe I should consider replacing the engine", and I about freaked. We have no idea yet what is going on! Not time to consider a replacement! Any possible ideas welcomed. Questions going through my mind are: did the crank stopping cause the timing belt to slip off, or was belt loose and something else (dist) is causing problem... Not even sure what to start eliminating as source. Thanks much, LovemyGLWGN
  7. All: Happy Labor Day! 1995 Subaru Legacy L / 186K / EJ22E Working my way down to the oil pump / cam seals removing items as I go. Have a few questions/problems and could use everyones help. 1) Crankshaft / Camshaft Alignment Marks. If you look at the attached pics when I set everything and removed the timing belts. I have the Camshaft alignment marks correct....but the Crankshaft alignment mark was off. (Guy I purchased it from had done the timing belt. Question: Should I leave it this way...or move the crank so the alignment mark is at the 12 position (vs the 3pm position in the pic). I guess this did not cause a problem since it is a non-interference motor? 2) I have removed the timing belt / crank shaft / but cannot break the bolts on the Camshaft pulleys free. Any good ideas out there? Thanks as always!!! Tom
  8. Have a 2004 Forester 2.5LX with about 237,000 miles on it. Wouldn't run when a friend decided he didn't have time to bother with it and bought another one, giving this one to me. A friend looked at it and said that the crankshaft bearings were out--engine wobbles or vibrates like crazy when it tries to run. I have never pulled or taken apart a Subaru engine, though have pulled a number of engines on older (60-80s) Ford and GMC pickups. I don't feel it would be a big problem, but just wondering if I should try to fix the engine or find another one? If I have to replace the crank and bearings, would seem that wouldn't take much more $ to just get a good used one. Am concerned that the engine may have other problems with so much vibration. Appreciate any thoughts, suggestions!
  9. I need to clean up the threads inside my crankshaft. Made a mistake using a puller; got a small piece of metal jammed in the crankshaft end but fished it out with some epoxy. I want to clean the threads up before putting it back together. I am measuring thread spec using my crankshaft bolt and calipers. By my measurements major thread diameter = 12.8 mm, thread pitch = 1.5 mm (averaged along 15 threads). Should I assume that the proper tap size = M13x1.5? (The reason I come here to verify is because M13 isn't a common size, so I want to make sure I'm right before I order the tap). Thanks.
  10. Howdy folks, Newbie here. I need to inspect my timing belt---suspected jumped a tooth... see earlier posts by me in the last couple of days if you're interested in the full saga. I removed radiator, accessory belts already. Last step before removing timing belt cover is the crankshaft pulley, and I don't know how to get it off. I began following this tutorial by MercedesDieselGuy on youtube He advocates a bit of a redneck method for loosening the crankshaft pulley bolt (bracing a breaker bar against the body and cranking the motor for a split-second). I applied WD-40 beforehand and followed his advice; it loosened up with no problem. (It was only later that I came across this thread where user Alias20035 said (s)he doesn't like that technique, but as far as I can tell I didn't bork it). I can remove the crankshaft pulley bolt entirely, and the pulley itself stays in place. It rotates just fine (I'm using an old leather belt & vice-grips), but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get it to slide out. MercedesDieselGuy, in the youtube link above, recommends turning the pulley clockwise to align the hash mark with the "0" reading stamped on the timing belt cover. (Later in the vid he seems to change his mind; thinks that step may be unnecessary). In any case, I did that (using a white paint mark I found on the front face & grooves of the pulley) and it doesn't seem to help with yanking the pulley. The timing belt cover seems to be plastic---so there was nothing solid to brace against when I tried wiggling a prybar gently. Other notes: the grooves at the back of my pulley are banged up, a couple of chips, making me think previous owner &/or a sloppy mechanic had the same trouble I am having, and tried brute force. Finally, I used a small mirror and my headlamp to get a good look at the pulley's center hole. I can see a notch at the back of the pulley on one side; hard to tell if it's part of pulley or another component/bushing behind it. But if I slowly turn the pulley with my belt wrench while watching with the mirror, I can see the notch rotates with the pulley. Is that back notch the "crank key" referred to in the thread I linked above? Any advice on how to get this dang thing off? Is there a trick to it? Thank you!
  11. i have a 99 subaru legacy outback. i changed the waterpump and replaced the timing idler tensioner and got a new timing belt. i am wondering on that one how do you like up the crankshaft. i see a line on the pulley itself but not anywhere to line it up with, can someone please help. i know how to line up the camshafts though. thank you kevin
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