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I need rear disks, 6 lug hubs, 14" wheels and A/T tires. Please!

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I've been doing lots of work to my 92 loyale wagon over the past 6 years. I received the car free from a college buddy and since then I've: done wheel bearings, went through the EA18 engine and did the heads, put a D/R transmission in, new clutch, replaced all the struts, many front axle replacements, 2" lift all-around, 1" crossmember drop up front to slow the demise of axles, EJ22 swap, went through the whole EJ engine and cleaned/replaced all sensors, vacuum hoses and idle components, ran it for 1 week and realized that (beyond all belief) the heads wereally blown (probably from the donor owner but also compounded when it tool me a while to figure out the custom radiator/fans for the swap, pulled it and did the heads (again!). Whew!

So I am finally on the home stretch and looking to get some decent tires on it, stiffen up the rear end a bit and improve braking power. I use it as a daily driver and for my paragliding school. I drive it on the beach and on mountain roads. So I'm trying to strike a compromise between reasonable tires and tough tires. I'm hoping that once I get 14" wheels I can find a 27" A/T tire with multiple ply strength that won't pop every time I drive on rocky roads.

I would love the help if anyone has parts or advice for this last bit of my Suby project! I take great care of her, have a custom paint job on the hood and have named her Caballo Blanco. You can follow her on Instagram @roaringcaballoblanco


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try the wanted section and services offered. at least 5 people on this board sell redrilled hubs, and 14" rims are in piles in the junkyards from early mazda/nissan/toyota trucks. all this stuff is readily available, expecting people to come forward and give you everything is going to take alot longer. 


as far as rear disks go, get in line. some parts are still available new, like rear pads, rotors and calipers... or find an XT, or fab in legacy rear disks. not many sets left. 

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I would skip the EA rear discs and go 5 stud. You already have the EJ engine, your brakes should be upgraded to suit.

I agree but I am too far into the EA suspension setup. I did custom springs and all new shocks recently, it rides like a champ. Just put on 15" alloy pugs from a Peugeot turbo and mounted 215/75-15 BFG KO2's :banana:

Trying to piece together an assortment of XT rear brake parts I bought from the guys at SSI. Unfortunately there are a bunch of parts missing not to mention I was sold two left backer plates... After spending DAYS trying to sort this out and get it all ready I think I just need the following: Caliper brackets that fit the wider, vented rotor. This rotor has 4 holes @ 90mm. Anyhow my hubs which are either from an XT(XT6?) or a Loyale Turbo (I'm not clear on this) are 4 holes at 90mm. The calipers I have seem to be wide enough to accept the wider, vented rotor (regular XT?) I rebuilt the caliper and just need the larger bracket.

Rick at SSI is being super kind by offering to mop up a bit of the backer plate mess and re-drill the 3 holes in my 2nd left backer plate so it will mount on the right side of the car.

If ANYBODY has some larger caliper brackets or can at least tell me exactly which car to look for donor parts from it would be much appreciated!!!!

Thanks for the offer to do the hub redrill Scott. That was my plan but I got super lucky to stumble on a set of the alloy pugs out in CT. Getting them to Portland was an effort!!

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Oddly enough, I have two spare backing plates in pretty ratty condition due to a screw-up by a seller (they shipped me the backing plates + calipers but forgot the hubs, and as of this past weekend they got me two better backing plates with the hubs). The ratty ones are due to a previous owner welding them to the trailing arm, so they have been spot-welded off. They are currently sitting in California so if you want them PM me.

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