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I have a 2010 2.0 turbodiesel Legacy wagon with 175k km that I bought one year ago. It has a complete service record and has been maintained on schedule from the same garage since new.


It's parked outside and gets driven about 4-5 times per month.


Lately it won't shift into 1st or 2nd at startup, or until the engine/transmission is warm. That's about 10 minutes.


I tried the tricks I know from my old Land Rover. Double-clutching doesn't help. Shifting into 3rd while stopped and then trying 1st or 2nd also doesn't work (this works on a Land Rover with a dragging clutch).


There's no apparent grinding; the lever just won't move. For the two times I've driven it in this condition, I've used 3rd to get going the first time, and once underway I was able to select 2nd, and 1st once I slowed way down. (Then I just left it in 1st with my foot on the clutch, so I could get going again).


It can select all gears easily when cold if the engine is turned off.


I ensured that the clutch pedal goes to the floor. The clutch fluid reservoir is full and clean. The transmission oil is full and black and apparently has 20k km on it.


The air temperature is below 5 C when this happens, but last winter it never happened, not even below freezing.


Is this a known issue with these transmissions or clutches?


What should I look at, clutch or gearbox? What would you recommend?



Jeremy in Switzerland


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Thanks for that.


The service intervals for this car are a lot longer than any car I've owned, so I wasn't sure if it was normal to have black oil after such a long interval.


The previous owner had everything done and recorded at a garage, and it's all on schedule. But who knows if they used a good oil or if they actually did the work?! I guess I'll change the oil, then! And check the others -- I think there's even an oil clutch on the diesel? Anyway, I have some stuff to read in the owners' manual now.


Meanwhile I learned that if I press down lightly on the stick while shifting, it works fine. Second is no problem and first is just the usual Subaru issue that you have to be stopped in order to engage it. Maybe there's some isse with a bushing or a selector rod on first, but as long as we can get it to engage ...




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