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2013 Impreza could use some dental work (busted grille)

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Hey everyone! I just joined yesterday, but I've had my 2013 Impreza 2.0i hatch for a little over three years now. I'm hoping I can get some repair help. A trailer hitch on the back of a truck came out of nowhere and attacked my Impreza. Overall, the damage is pretty limited. Bumper to bumper would've been just a scratch, but the hitch punched a hole right through the plastic factory grille. The bumper is a little banged up right under the hole in the grille.


I'm trying to fix this myself. Replace the grille and hide the bit of bumper damage by grinding down that little jagged edge. It looks to me like these black plastic pins are all that's holding the grille in place. Does anybody know what I need to do here? Any or expertise at all will be very helpful and appreciated. I can get the grille from the dealership, or if you have any better suggestions, from somewhere else. I'm imagining I'll need to get new plastic pins too because it looks like they're designed to go in and not come back out. So I guess you just break and replace them?



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Use a photo editor, and resize them, or sometimes even a crop and save as .Jpg will reduce the size enough.


Most of the plastic pin things are 2 part, the center button unscrews or lifts up and releases the outer piece that has bumps that lock them in place.

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