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Not sure if this is the right place to post, technology impaired. Anyway here,s my new issue. I pulled into my drive way this spring having to push through the snow berm the plow had left. I made it about eight feet. All the sudden it was as if someone had pulled the brake. This has never happened before. I put hundreds of miles pushing through snow in very remote places,so glad this happened in the driveway. With the car on jackstands,running,in drive, at idle the tires turn. If I put it in third, I have to give it gas but tires still turn fairly easy. If I put it in second noticable binding. When in first I have to floor it to get them to turn. Shows no codes. Was working perfect. 1990 legacy 2.2 4eat. Any help or ideas would be great

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As a diagnostic you could disconnect the wire that goes to the transfer solenoid and try +12V on it (no power to rears), and compare to it being disconnected.

(Assuming no FWD fuse on that year)

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